Phoenix Rising: Hear Me, Baby? Hold Together!

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This release is too important for it to be unplayable, so the Phoenix Rising team spent the better part of the day making emergency repairs. The end result should fix the common exceptions in GC, which were being caused by the new pirate structures for whatever reason. It also gets rid of the weirdness involving pirate infantry companies and auto-resolve, so they should work right and show up on the killed screen instead of just disappearing and still controlling the planet. Chandler was able to save and load without a problem.

Campaign load times will still be long, but that's something we'll have to deal with at a later time. EaW has no load bar for campaigns, so you'll just have to be patient - Chandler never had it actually lock up while loading, although it may appear that way. Just be smart about your limitations. He's tested the regional campaigns (Core, Inner, and Outer Rims) on a 2.0 GHz machine with 1 GB RAM and as far as I'm concerned, they're playable. The Phoenix Rising team wouldn't recommend GFFA with those specs though. Skirmish, on the other hand, can run with very low specs and tactical combat in general is actually noticeably faster since the last version due to the new projectiles. We'll just have to work on galactic a bit, but it'll get there too.

Chandler is currently in the process of re-submitting the release to Mod DB and EaW FileFront. If you've already downloaded it, you'll have to delete your copy and re-download. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this can't wait for a patch. Please remember that we actually do have lives and responsibilities outside of the mod and I've taken the time to provide this hotfix in the middle of the holidays.

Also, just a side note. This release was basically put together by two people (since jdk002 was mostly out of commission) in about five months time. We now need the community to step up and track down whatever bugs might remain. There's a whole sub-forum dedicated to reporting these. Please just remember to stay constructive in your criticisms and detailed in your bug reports. We won't be able to improve anything otherwise.

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