Phoenix Rising: One Campaign to Rule Them All

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I can start with some excellent news. The Lag is Dead. This means that the full version of Galaxy, Far, Far, Away will now be shipped with the release.

We soon realised in the development that the lag (where the map freezes and locks the game) was probably linked to the number of planets in the campaign. After a good bit of poking through various parts of the code we found a small item, forgotten by the deigners and left in the original FOC which caused excessive CPU and memory requirements as the number of planets increased. The offending item has been removed and the map now moves freely with every twitch of the mouse. While this has the greatest effect on the larger campaigns, you should also notice slight improvements in the small campaigns as well.

We do however, recommend the following minimum hardware requirements for both Galaxy Far, Far Away and Galaxy Far, Far Away (Lite): 3.0 GHz CPU and 2GB Ram in order to run the full mod. Anything less is not supported, but if you don’t meet these requirements, or you graphics card is particularly outdated, you probably need to scale back the settings. Please also note that these two large campaigns have lengthy load times.

The GFFA campaigns in detail: In all cases, your starting forces will be a mix of clone-wars remnants and the emerging technology of your faction, and for added challenge, you will have to start at tech level Zero – with no destroyers or capitals in your armoury. Anything bigger than a basic cruiser will need to be researched before it can be built. In contrast, major worlds will have at destroyers at the very least in their defenses. I also recommend that you pay attention to your heroes in the GFFA and sub-campaign setting as a fully upgraded hero will have more impact here than in the Thrawn or Shadow Hands campaigns, simply because the gap between pirates and heroes will be that much greater.

Core Worlds: This is a tough little campaign of 37 worlds, and as a player, you only start with 3 of them. Alderaan, Dolomar and Ghorman for the Alliance; Byss, Coruscant, and Carida for the Empire. Undergunned and with a poor economy, you are surrounded by the galactic heavyweights – some of the most well defended planets in the galaxy. Taking even one planet will be a challenge. Playing as the Empire will probably be easier as you have the potential construction advantages of Coruscant and Byss, as well as the cheap Stormtroopers from Carida. To compensate, the Alliance starts with a trading fleet advantage, courtesy of Alderaan’s merchant houses. Each side starts with three heroes.

Inner Rim: From the Inner rim out to the Mid-Rim, this campaign takes in a good proportion of the galaxy, with about 48 worlds in total. Defenses are mixed, some light, some heavy, with the added challenge of some criminal hot-spots to consider. Players start with 4 planets and 4 heroes each: Atzerri, Ithor, Dressel and Kashyyyk for the Alliance and Anteevy, Chazwa, Naboo and Ord Trasi for the Empire. If you are smart, you should still be able to take some planets fairly quickly.

Outer Rim: This large campaign takes in about half the galaxy, - with 73 planets in all, and you will find plenty of variation here. There is a generous distribution of weak systems scattered amongst the strong, but the Outer Rim also is the refuge for many powerful criminal organisations. This has perhaps the most interesting start of the sub campaigns. Only one of your 5 starting worlds has any decent manufacturing facilities (Mon Calamari / Eriadu)– the other 4 are very minor planets indeed, none can build anything bigger than a corvette!.

Galaxy, Far, Far Away – Lite: This is a simplified version of the full galaxy, combining the best worlds of each of the 3 sub-campaigns to make a very large, varied, and lengthy campaign of about 120 worlds. You start with 8 locations, 4 strong, 4 weak scattered throughout all parts of the galaxy. Beware – your opponent will start with a range of military, research and construction advantages.

Galaxy Far, Far Away: This is the master campaign from which all others were made. 158 worlds in immense variety. Apart from the 40 additional planets, this is identical in starting forces to the Lite version. This will be a very lengthy campaign, so plan your battles carefully.

Enjoy and please post campaign comments on the Forums. I look forward to your feedback.

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