Phoenix Rising Release Nudged Back

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Now for the bad news. I just found out that jdk002's new computer isn't up yet as expected, which means he'll be unable to do the maps for the release. This means I'll have to do them, but I just can't make the time before the 20th - I'm still making last-minute corrections on my end. Unfortunately, this will force me to delay the release of version 1.1 until Tuesday, December 23rd.

I should explain why the map changes are so important. Without changes to the Galactic Conquest maps, the new, individual star bases will not work. You'll be able to build them, but they won't show up in a battle, so even after you defeat all of the space forces, the stations will remain in galactic, preventing that space from changing hands. Without changes to the Skirmish maps, there will be no secondary station to build starfighters at and the interface problems will persist.

The only responsible option is to delay the release and make sure these features work. Three more days will give us enough time to implement and test everything without dictating consecutive all-nighters. I'm just sorry it had to come to this, but we've literally worked for the past month straight, so this is the soonest possible it can reasonably be done. Thanks for your patience.

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