Phoenix Rising: The Hydian Way to the Braxant Run

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Just a quick update on the latest news from Galaxy Far, Far Away;

Full galactic campaign reference maps are now available to download - including details of trade routes and their names.

Pictures are posted in the screenshot section but visit the Downloads page on the Phoenix Rising website to see them in full resolution.

The Phoenix Rising team apologizes about 2 errors in the recently released campaign packs. One is hardly noticeable - the other glaring.

They admit to forgetting to comment out the Pirate forces on the Imperial world of Chazwa in the Inner Rim Slim campaign pack, so apologies to those who found pirates on an Imperial World! The second was more subtle - Corfai was not placed on the Corellian Trade Spine in the Galaxy Far, Far Away Release. Amended versions of both campaigns are now available.

So please could you all download amended versions of the Slim Pack and/or Standard Pack to correct this problem.

Enjoy the reference maps!

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