Phoneix Rising: Admiral! We have enemy ships in sector 47!

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If you want to fight more space battles that feature this type of nervous bridge report, then try the revised Galaxy Far, Far Away-series campaign files. The feedback on the forums has been excellent, and it appears that Ghostrider had neglected to give many of the fleets, especially those in the Core, sufficient destroyers and capitals. The result was that many of the Core fleets were too easy to destroy once you had built up your first fleet, making the campaigns less interesting than intended. Fleets have now been augmented with a considerable amount of Venators, Victorys and Imperial-class Star Destroyers to make you think twice before picking on an invasion target. The Phoenix Rising team also fixed one glaring omission from the films. Victory-class star destroyers were as prevalent as the Ventors in the Clone Wars era, and you will find a LOT more here. Kuat, Brentaal IV, Corellia and Munnilinst in particular are now very challenging. One of the most popular comments was how the AI dumps an entire armada in behind you, just as you think you are mopping up the last stragglers. This will happen a lot more now. Ghostrider has also improved the fixed defenses, and you will find many space stations and Golans have got a bit bigger since the last version. All versions have been based on the Slim files, and are no bigger than before (Ghostrider has cut other content to make room for the capitals), and please note that from now on, only the Slim versions will be part of the release. Please also note that if anyone downloaded the draft versions on the forum last week, we have made some minor tweaks to increase the AI challenge, so please download final versons from the website. Ghostrider must say, however, how valuable and important the feedback from the forums has been. Since only recently jumping from a forum contributor of random scribblings to a part of the Modding Team, Ghostrider never realised how valuable good contribution really is. A big thanks to the community, and especially this thread for giving such helpful and informative advice. As an update, the Thrawn Campaign revisions are also progressing well, so expect more news soon.
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