Recruitment- Riggers Needed!

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


BSG The Awakening, an affiliate created mod by United Modding Group is in need of riggers. At the moment some of the models for the mod need to be re-rigged to support the bases of Rotating Turrets.

Currently we lack on Riggers and could use anyone's help, Riggers are a great essential part to our modding team and we would be most grateful if you could assist in our hour of need.

A possible hault in production will occur if we are unable to recruit riggeres ASAP, so if your a Rigger, and are interested in some work please if you could contact me. I will be most grateful, im available on PM or on BYRON1234[AT]HOTMAIL[DOT]COM if you would like to see the forums, check them out here.

We Would like to point out that for your rigging work all rigs for the correct models will be shown on a diagram for it to make things easier for you Riggers to Rig.

The Period of Work is very short and we only require about 1-2 riggers for a certain time period.

Thanks Byron

Again, if your interested in helping out, you can contact Byron here.

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