Republic Troopers

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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Republic Troopers Goal This mod takes place during the Clone Wars era and is from the view of the Republic Clone Army. I intend to add as many units as possible to show the evolution of the clone army to the point of when they become the Empire Stormtroopers. There will be a CIS faction loaded with as many units that I will be able to provide to be the counterparts of the clone units. I will also leave in the Consortium but will change them to the Black Sun Pirates. I have begun work on version 2 of this mod and I am intending to make the AI as tough and as fun as possible. I will announce a more specific unit list and feature list once I have completed the re-work of the Republic faction and so on for the other two factions. Screens will be posted publicly when the unit list and factions are complete.

Update Ok so it's been awhile I know but I have been busy with so many things but here is a small update to give everyone an idea of what's going on for those who are interested. I am in the middle of re-doing all of the factions to make a better playing experience with the AI. I have enabled the interventions and I'm still working on the Republic faction units. I don't have any dates but I will be testing after each faction is completed and I will announce when I will need testers. I am in need of any mappers looking to do alot of mapping and interested in working in the Clone Wars era, if so please apply on the Republic Troopers website forum.

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