Shadow Invasion: Update 1

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Now that the Shadow Invasion mod is on moddb and making a nice steady progress Ghostly_Substance thought he would give a nice introduction of a news update.

This mod is for an RTS game called "Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces of Corruption", for the Expansion pack. Seeing a lack of Gundam interest I thought it be wise to plan and make one for this game. This mod fits the game perfectly since it has land and space where factions having that advantage can dwell in.

Units: - Ground Gundam RX-79[G] - still the same as seen in image. - Magella Assault Tank - modeled and ready to be textured and etc. - GM - Given as a gift by VITO and VenomGundam, left unskinned and needs texturing, animated and etc. - Zaku 2 - Same as above.

Galactic Conquest: The mod team will be aiming for a Galactic conquest mode where the universe is your playground with a few newly added planets. If things go right you will see two Gundam factions (Earth Federation Forces vs Zeon, and possibly my secretive faction) vs the three original Star Wars faction (Rebels, Imperials and Consortium). Ghostly_Substance has some neat ideas he plans to try out for Galactic Conquest that should give it an interesting way to play.

Skirmish: For skirmish Ghostly_Substance plans to have it where the added factions would build their own structures. Its all up in the air and should give some flexibility of what I could implement view XML coding.

Water Maps: The mod team is also planning to add some water maps so some of Zeon's water specialized suits would feel at home. It was ignored by Petroglyph and Ghostly_Substance shall add it in to give an interesting way of playing.


Mod Members/helpers: Ghostly Substance - Leader, XML Coder, map maker. Swgbex - Unit Modeler. DeathCaller - Unit Modeler. iQew - Graphics/logos. Mikan Cyclone - XML Coder

Thanks, to Vito and VenomGundam for the GM and Zaku II gift.


Recruiting! ~ Modelers - At least 1 or 2 more. ~ Skinner/Texturer - Need skins done for units. ~ Animator - Animate mechs, tanks and etc.

If you know someone with the above skill traits make sure to point them here to see if they are interested :). -----------------

The Banner and logo should be changing one more time once iQew manages to make a professional one. For now my banner and logo are up their temporarily.

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