Shadow Invasion: Update 2

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For those that missed the edit on the first update you can find the forum for the mod here:

You will see more updates on that forum as it will become the home for this mod. Ghostly_Substance will be posting finished renders, skinned units, and all the better quality stuff there as they get done. More of the WIP stuff will be on the forum, for the impatient type watchers/trackers. Also you should notice that DeathCaller modeled up and rendered the Gouf and Gouf Custom.

Also, he's aware that its weird seeing unskinned units in an update but he doesn't really have a skinner to make them shine in a beautiful manner.

MS-07B Gouf A Zeon mobile suit produced after the Zaku II line, it was designed for land and close combat. Ramba Ral had one specifically made for himself and many more were made/seen afterwords. Its armed with a Heat Sword, a heat whip to over-load the power source of mobile suits/vehicles, and a machine gun stored in its arm that fires out of the fingers. "This is no Zaku boy, no Zaku!"

MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Gouf Custom is an enhanced mobile suit (of the Gouf) that was modified with long range combat in mind, while keeping its close combat attributes. One can be seen in 08th Team Gundam show where Norris Packard pilots one causing havoc to the Earth Federation Forces. It can be seen armed with a modified Heat Sword, a new heat rod, and its gatling shield.

In the image in the screenshot section, you will see three Gouf Customs. The two on the outer side will be the rare mass-produced versions while the one in the middle will be the Zeon hero unit, Norris Packard.

The renders do not show the heat rod at the moment but they will when they get completed. If you want to see it just Google Image the names above and you shall see what they look like. Now you can use your imagination of how they would act ingame.

Recruiting Positions: - A Skinner (and badly, as you can see). - Someone who can rig and animate for Star Wars: Empire at War game.

To contact Ghostly_Substance with ease, just simply PM him at Moddb, MSN him at, or talk to him on the linked forum.

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