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Shadow of the Empire News Update

Jedi_Consular doesn't usually make a lot of announcments or make many update's about Shadow of the Empire. But the mod is still in development. He'd like to announce that he has decided to move the forums to a new board.

SOTE has been in development for nearly 2 years, quite a long time, but it is now 70% or so complete. It will be released some time in the New Year.

Alphablue modding is a new EAW Modding site that has brought a couple of mods together that will help each other complete the mods we have been working on. So therefore he feels it is more appropriate to now host the SOTE mod on the Alpha Blue Modding Site forums.

If you have been a member of the web site forum and would wish to follow the mod to keep up to date with what Jedi_Consular is doing - he asks you to join the new forum at Alphablue Modding.

As it is a New Year - there will be new beginnings so the mod will be now part of Alphablue's Modding Alliance.

Please take your browser over to Alphablue's website if you have further interest in our work for the community.

The website:

Forums are directly found here:

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