Star Wars: Galaxy at War

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Jonathon is here to describe his Star Wars: Galaxy at War mod to the EAWFiles community. Some of you may have been here when he released my Star Wars: Galaxy at War mini mod. Yes, he was the original GAW name holder for EAW. Galaxy at War is a mod which does everything in Star Wars, kind of like an all era mod, except right now he is focusing on enhancing FOC before he starts adding factions and other major work. If you want to know where the mod is, Just type: Star Wars: Galaxy at War Mini Mod in the EAWFiles search bar and is should appear. Right now Jonathon is focusing on coding shipyards for the light and medium ships, which should take a while. He will, however, have screenshots in the next news posts. If you wish to visit the site, go to: If you wish to join, feel free. Here are some questions and answers he ahs set-up to quell any further questions.

Q: What is the shipyards purpose?

A: Well, ships do need shipyards, and he wanted to add that on. There are many shipyards, Light shipyards, Medium shipyards, Capital Shipyard, Republic Shipyards, and many more.

Q: Will this mod focus on heroes and ground as well?

A: Yes, infact this mod will have a few surprises for heroes and ground units

Q: Will this mod have a campaign?

A: He plans to have one, but he will need help with a competent team. For now, he will use the EAW campaign.

Q: Will this mod have new music?

A: Yes, that is actually one of the main things he will focus on, getting new music.

Q: Will there be some new models?

A: Unfortunately, Jonathon is not a modeler so he will have to use (with permission of course) models from packs and other mods.

Q: What mod do you plan to do after this?

A: He is hoping to do a mod about the mandalorians, of course that mof will be un-canon since some of his material will be. However, he does plan to make it a high quality mod.

Q: When will the mod come out?

A: At this point, he is unsure. He will try to make it this year though. Quality takes time and patience.

Jonathon sincerely hopes that answers all of your questions. Please feel free to join the team, if you are a good modeler, coder, or skinner, or mapper.

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