Stargate: ...and Boom! First Big News about the Next Version!

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The Stargate Modding Group will show you today what's been done so far for the next version of the mod that will come for the add-on Forces of Corruption for Empire at War. First off are some units for the next non-playable faction; the Aschen. Here is the Aschen Fighter and the Aschen Battleship Furthermore, one of two standart desert maps, with which the Stargate Modding Group want to replace the original EaW ones with: The next screens will show you some more units and buildings of the Ori The Ori Transporter and The Ori Ship Yard: The Ori Cruiser and The Ori Space Station: Last but not least are some images of Atlantis. Low-Poly Atlantis (will be the unit in-game): High-Poly Atlantis (for the ground map and render videos): That's it concerning the pictures. Please read the description of the pictures on the Moddb profile for credits and futher information. But that's not all the Stargate Modding Group want to show you. They have two nice teaser videos for you. They show a short part of the new intro and Atlantis in-game, with shields up! Have fun: [b]Atlantis[/b] [b]Intro Teaser[/b] As you can see and read the Stargate Modding Group hasn't revealed the new mod name yet, and of course they haven't told you what the third playable faction will be. So, will it be the Ori? Will it be the Wraith? Will it be the Replicators? Hihi? You can talk, discuss and speculate about it in the forum, but you must wait till the next big update. Furthermore, their former Co-Leader Larkis has started a new project with their german Community called "SGEaW - Reloaded". He will, with the help of forum members, redo the Final 1.0 for EaW. This means he will code it also from the scratch, leave out the non-working stuff like the tech system, events and so on, fix the bugs like the multiplayer error, the bombing run error and add some new things like real multiplayer GC maps. So, in some months you will hopefully get a complete, bug free Final 1.0 for normal EaW. Of course it won't have all the features of the current release. The Stargate Modding Group doesn't know for sure if this project will be finished because Larkis is the only "real" member of this project, but they think there are enough keen hobby modders out there that will want to help them. Due to language barriers they try to keep this project filled only with german members, but if anyone of you is interested in helping them, please contact MerlinGalgotta. The Stargate Modding Group wishes you a lot of fun with the news, the pictures and the videos.
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