Stargate - EaW: Big Announcement

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Hello everybody, unbelievable but true, this is te Stargate team's first official news post! They have never noticed that they can write news at EAWFiles. So here it is:

After an extensive team conference they have decided to switch to Forces of Corruption! In their opinion it's the best way to enhance the mod and it simply gives them more possibilities to improve the "This is Stargate" feeling.

What does that mean for you now?

Well, there will be only one more patch for the Final 1.0 (, which contains the complete english text file, one GC map without any event, some more heroes and a very cool supergate system for the skirmish mode! Contrary to other sources, the Stargate mod will upload a compelte Stargate - EaW 1.1 here on Filefront, when this patch is finished.

But switching to FoC does not mean that it will take more than a year again to release a finished mod, cause a lot of things are already finished like maps, sounds, effects and models.

Furthermore our production pipeline is improved, so we will accomplish better results in less time! Consequently you will get more information, screenshots and videos than before.

They won't neither reveal the third playable race yet, nor the changes they have decided already, but they will periodically have updates for you!

As a matter of course you can already speculate about the new race and the changes.

So much about that!

The team has learned a lot during the last weeks and months and this knowledge will help them to develop a mod, that puts the old versions in the shade!!

Expect more updates

Best wishes from; Stargate Modding Group

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