Stargate Mod: Last patch for Final 1.0

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Greetings all... Today there is two sets of news, one everyone wants to know and one no one really cares about...

Patch is included in the 1.1 version.

Firstly, the patch is done...

Here it is:;13328941;/fileinfo.html

Ok here is a list of changes:

Icons are fixed. All dead icons have been fixed, and new ones added for new units... but for some odd reason, no matter what the ZPM hive and the Assault cruisers icons won't work. Text is done. About 80-90% of the text has been fixed, as much as we could work out. New Supergate setup. Play any map with a Supergate, go over to it and click on it one it turns to your player color.You will be given 3 or 4 build options (3 for tauri and 4 for goauld). As Goauld you get Dial Ori Galaxy (Ori MS Doce Adria Ori Fighter), Dial Pegasus (All wraith ships, darts, hives, assault cruisers, normal cruisers, a carrier hive, ZPM Hive, and Michael) , Dial Ida (Repli fighter/bomber/scout, Repli Cruiser, Repli Frigate, Repli Assault frigate, Repli Capital ship,RepliCarter, and RepliFifth) and last but not least, Dial Milky Way (all system lord heros, Anubis, the weapon capable anubis mothersship and the Goauld Upgrades). For Tauri you get Dial Pegasus (All three lantian ships, Shepard, Lorne, Larin, Primary Teyla, and Todd) , Dial Ida (Loki, Freyr, Asgard anti replicator satillite, Odyssey, Apollo, Hammond in a 303, BC304 MK2, and the two upgrades to unlock some of them) and Dial Milky Way (Korolev, Mzel, Artok, Bratek (no text ), Raknor, Grace fighters, and grace frigates).

New Skirmish maps. There are four new skrimish maps. To play as one of the normally not playable races all you need to do is select the map and then look at the name. Next to a race it will either say (G) or (T). All you need to do is select that playable race, (G) for goauld and (T) for tauri. Then when you start, go to your starbase and have a look.

The new maps are as following:

Ori (G) V Milky Way (T) - The Ori get a Supergate and buildable Ori fighters, Ori motherships, Adria, Doci and normal Goauld upgrades, and the 'milky way' gets a Tauri starbase, from that you can build the 302s, 304s, Free Jaffa old Hataks, Free Jaffa New Hataks, Tokra Hataks, Lucain Alliance Hataks, Odyssey, Korolev and normal upgrades.

Replibugs (G) V Asgard (T) – The Replicators get there starbase with a shield and they have replicator, Replififth, Repli capital ship, Spider ship, the assault frigate and normal Gaould upgrades. Asgard get a Tauri starbase but its limited to only Beliskners, Daniel Jackson, Oniel, Loki, Freyr, Thor and normal Tauri upgrades.

Wraith (G) V Atlantis (T) – Wraith get all the Wraith units mentioned in the supergate dial code, as well as normal goauld upgrades, its a wraith starbase equiped with a ZPM Room, therefor giving it a dense hull and extreemly powerful weapons. Atlantis gets a normal tauri starbase but limited to jumpers, 302s, 304s, Daedalus with beam weapons, Apollo (not 100% working ) the General Hammond, Shepard, Lorne, Larin, todd and Primary Teyla.

Wriath (G) V Lantians (T) – Wraith same as above. Lantians get a custom defense platform. It has stronger shields and fires more drones than the normal one. From it you can build jumpers Lantian cruisers, Lantian corvettes, Lantian warships, The Aurora, and the normal Tauri upgrades.

NEW Galactic Conquest – Stargate Universe – The Ultimate War: You can play as Anubis or the Tauri, as per normal. Difference is it's EVERY planet in one massive map. Be warned almost every planet is defended by someone or sometihng. As Tauri as you tech up you will receive more heros, no events, take what you want, once you conquer all the planets you win. As Anubis its the same deal, tech up means more heroes, capture every planet in all the galaxies to win... but be warned. There will probably be considerable lag when starting this GC. It is HUGE, its insane, it is the Ultimate Stargate war.

To install this you need the original install, patched with Merlin's hotfix , then you put this over the top of those files (normally in STAR WARS EMPIRE AT WAR / GAMEDATA / MODS / STARGATE / DATA). You should be prompted to do a replace. Click yes to all.

This concludes the majority of the changes. This won't fix everything, and it has its own bugs, like the AI can't hit the Supergate properly and the AI simply don't use it. Easy enough to fix with a new model with a bone leading to the outer edge so you can link a hardpoint to it and call it control crystal.

Patch is included in the 1.1 version.

Spinobreaker like to take this opportunity to say thanks to those who have helped him over the years, Merlin, Zero, Nauh, RDA, you all know who you are, even if he hasn't named you he thanks you a ton for all the effort you have put in and the help you've given him...

As for his second set of news. As of the time of release of this patch he's pulling the plug on working with the EAW team. He'll be making a TV show and he needs to put his time and effort into that. So Spinobreaker will not be on all the time like he is now. He will be on when he can. Anyone interested in taking his place as the English sound capture/coder for the next release PM Spinobreaker.

Spinobreaker has enjoyed his time working on this mod. He's learned so much and made a few friends along the way. He wont be removing any of his old blogs so you can still comment and if he notices he'll reply when he can.

This is Spinobreaker, signing out. __________________

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