Starship Troopers: First Interstellar War - Small Progress Update

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After watching the in game battles, one thing the leader of the Starship Troopers: First Interstellar War mod realized is that he either needs turrets or some kind of visible weapons port/emplacement on his models. The weapon shots coming out of plain ship hull are not going to cut it. The turrets were cut out originally because they were a pain to implement. And they still are. Rebelmoon has spent the last couple of days adding turrets to the Rodger Young Hero, and trying to get them to act right. Unfortunately he's getting tired of working on them. Rebelmoon has decided to keep the turrets as destroyable gun emplacement hard points, without the actual rotation. That solves his main issue, in his belief. Rebelmoon is also adding destroyable missile port hard points. He'll be adding this feature to all the ships; both Federal and Arachnid. Of course the Arachnid's weapon port might end up looking like a sphincter. :p

Rebelmoon is also working on particle effects, both for the weapons and also for the Arachnid deaths. He's hoping for a bug guts kind of effect.

Still a lot of work to go just to finish the space side. A space version will be the first release, then the SST team will focus entirely on the ground side.

They're always looking for experienced skinners, modelers and or riggers to help out. So just give Rebelmoon a shout if interested. (See Moddb page for contact information)

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