Starship Troopers: Fleet Wars - January 2009 Update and New Direction

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Big news on the Terran Front. A new direction, new team members, and other future changes happening in this new year.

The biggest is by far the decision to develop the land side further. How much further is still under consideration but it's safe to say that it will be quite alot.

Rico, a fellow modder from the C&C community, is now a co-leader of the mod and in charge of the land development as well as some cool video trailers under development.

DarthNihilus03 is our new coder, text editor, and in-game tester.

They still need help in some areas, even more now than before. Modelers, skinners, etc. Anybody interested should get in touch with Rebelmoon. And while Rebelmoon appreciates all offers of help, they really need people with experience in modding for them to be any benefit to the mod's development.

Wish the SST Mod Team luck.

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