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New poll posted at the Starship Troopers: Fleet Wars forum. Please vote and post your thoughts. The creator of the mod believes too many ships serve no purpose, but what is the limit for ships? In a real life military there are often different classes/designs of a cruiser, a destroyer, etc. There is currently 11 large ships modeled with 1 gunship and 3 fighter bombers for the federals. And the mod head is currentlyconsidering replacing a couple with different designs. What is the purpose of multiple ships that basically do the same thing. Should there be 1-2 designs for each class with slight advantages depending on which you choose? Is there a limit that you should use as a cutoff? Once the mod leader has modeled these new designs, he'll put it to a vote, but people need to vote or they will lose what control they have on certain things that he's letting you help on. Vote here.

For those of you who don't know much about this mod it is a Space Conversion mod for the game Star Wars: EaW Forces of Corruption from Petroglyph Studios. You decide who has the right to survive, the Terran Federation or the Arachnids and their allies, the Skinnies, all in the silence of space. It will include skirmish and space side only Galactic Conquest and is based on various aspects taken from the movie, animated tv series, and the original book. Command your Fleet, be it the Terran Federation or the Arachnid/Skinny Alliance. Use old favorites as well as brand new units developed for this conflict. Ready to fight?

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