The Force of War November 30th Update

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Hey all, We have a nice big update for you guys! :) First I'd like to welcome Admiral Jamocking on board as a coder. And here is our almost final unit list.

Land Empire Stormtrooper squad (take cover) Stormtrooper commander (summon shadow troopers, shield) Scout trooper team (take cover) EVO trooper squad (imune to weather effects) Incinerater trooper squad (shield) Shadow trooper squad (stealth) Shadow EVO trooper squad (stealth, imune to weather effects) Jumptrooper squad (air unit) Purge trooper (fire missiles) At-CT (stomp, repair vehicle) AT-KT (thermal detonater) AT-ST (stomp, barrage area) Dropship transport (troop transport) Tie Fighter Wing

Minor heroes Shadow Guard (force lightning)

Major heroes Darth Vader (force repulse, force grip) Emperor (force lighting, force corrupt) Starkiller (force repulse, force lightning) Ozik Sturn (stomp, maximum firepower)

Jedi rebellion Militia sabateur squad(thermal detonater) Militia trooper squad Militia elite squad(take cover) Felucian warrior group Felucian Shaman (sumon Felucian Warriors) Felucian Chieftan (improves combat effectiveness for infantry) T1B tank (hunt for enemies) T2B tank (hunt for enemies) Scrap Guardian group Scrap Drone wing (drain life) Junk Titan (force repulse) Saddled Rancor (stomp) Z-95 Wing

Major heroes Rahm Kota (throw lightsaber, force heal) Kazdan Paratus (summon junk titan) Shaak Ti (summon Felucians, sprint) Maris Brood (summon Bull Rancor, stealth)

Space Empire Tie Fighter squadron (hunt for enemies) Tie Bomber squadron Tarton Cruiser (maximum firepower) Acclamator (maximum firepower) Victory Star Destroyer (maximum firepower) Venator Star Destroyer (?) Imperial Star Destroyer (tractor beam)

Major heroes Starkiller Rogue Shadow (?) Darth Vader (call for wingmen)

Jedi Rebellion Z-95 squadron (search for enemies) Y-wing squadron (ion cannon shot) Corellian Corvette (boost engine power) Corellian Gunship (boost engine power) Corellian Frigate (maximum firepower) Corellian Capital Ship Corellian Destroyer

I would also like to show our Incinerater trooper by THX 1138 IncineratorAttentiontrans.png

And our completed Bespin map by me Bespin6.jpgBespin7.jpgBespin8.jpg

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