Thrawn's Revenge: January Update

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It's been a long time since our last update (September). This isn't because we've been sitting around doing nothing, though, but more on that later. During this time, there have been some changes to the staff. Dane Kiet, who you probably know of if you're on our forums, has joined the team as a Tester, and Wesker has joined the team as a mapper. Unfortunately, Nezill (who made the website and was responsible for the majority of the skins for Empire of the Hand ships, vehicles and buildings), is leaving the team due to time issues.

Also, in what may come as a disappointment to some of you, there has been a final major shuffle in the release structure:

- Imperial Civil War (Imperial Remnant, New Republic playable. Post release, the Hapes Consortium and Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium factions will be expanded and a V2 and 3 will be released with them as playable factions)

- Fall of the Republic (Republic and CIS playable.)

Now, as for how this is a change. Anyone who's been following the mod for any amount of time will notice the most important change; the removal of Empire of the Hand. This basically means that, for various reasons, production of that release has been halted and all quality assets have been moved to Imperial Civil War, which we feel will make an infinitely more fun release. This does not mean the Empire of the Hand is out of the mod. Just that when you first see them, they won't be playable, though they still control a large portion of the Western half of the galaxy. The team has also discussed doing a version where the Empire of the Hand fills the third faction slot in ICW sometime in the future. If you would like to yell at me, or have any questions about why we're doing this and how it works, please post them as a reply to this update, or email me. The address is at the end of the update, on our homepage, and on our ModDB profile (

Production on Imperial Civil War, which now moves into the spot of premiere release, is well underway. Though we may have only started full-on work on it in the last little while, we also have everything we made for EotH that fits into ICW, and the things made for ICW while developing EotH. As a result, you can expect ICW much, much sooner than you may have thought. As for what's actually done in it, well over half the mapping for the GC planets is done (44/77 maps at the moment, with Wesker, Enceladus and Qui0Jinn all working hard on another three). Positioning of every planet on the galactic map is also done. Many units for the New Republic and Imperial Remnant are also finished, or close to it. Full unit lists with progress are available in the Members Only section on our forums.

One of the new things with Imperial Civil War (that will be continued with Fall of the Republic) is that it is being built off of not only Empire of the Hand, but also Codeuser's (who is also a member of the ThrRev staff) "personal" mod, called the FX mod (with full permission from the FX team). The FX mod is a mod which, right now, focuses on making Ground Combat more fun, and improving the visual effects in Empire at War. The projectiles and explosions featured in our more recent screen shots (including those in this update) are from it, so you can see everything for yourself.

Finally, we are in need of another skinner. If you'd like to help the mod, email me at

Screenshot Descriptions:

The first seven pictures display some E-Wings, K-Wings, Armadia Thrustships, D-Type Trifoils, the Pride of Yevetha (Executor class), and some other assorted stuff. They also show the new explosions. The next three are Bilbringi, which is a shipyard planet, though also a barren asteroid. The next three pictures show Poderis, a moon-like planet. Both mapped by Enceladus. In the next six pictures you can see Carida and then Honoghr. Both are mapped by Qui0Jinn. Finally in the last three pictures there is Yavin IV mapped by Enceladus.

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