Thrawn's Revenge: July Update

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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


As some of you may have noticed the site's mod information section has recently been overhauled. We've made it a bit easier to find stuff, and given each release a page. These pages have planet lists and the logos of the factions in them, which link to their unit lists (currently only the first release has unit lists up, the later releases will get their lists as we get closer to them).

They can be found on our site at:

We'd like to welcome Frost to the team. Some people may remember him from the Venator and Munificent models he's made for us, if not you can check the gallery at our site.

In actual development news, Empire of the Hand is steadily approaching completion. After it's done we'll be spending about a month for thorough internal testing it so we can catch as much as possible before the full public release, which at this point looks to be around October/November unless something really bad happens, but no guarantees.

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