Thrawn's Revenge: Vision of the Future

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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Yesterday officially marked the end of the second year in production. In those two years, we've accomplished quite a bit. The completion of Thrawn's Revenge: Empire of the Hand is just around the corner, and we already have a very large amount of the art assets for Imperial Civil War and Fall of the Republic completed, so rest assured that you will not wait anywhere near as long for either of them as you have for Empire of the Hand.

In team news. First, I'd like to welcome Mr. Hobo to the team as a coder. He will mainly be focusing on the Galactic Conquest scenarios, though he will also be doing some units and heroes. Two more team members from yesteryear have also returned, Nezill and InsaneGolfer. For those who do not remember them, Nezill is a skinner, and InsaneGolfer is a coder. Both had to take LOAs last year due to school.

The unit lists for all three factions in Empire of the Hand have also been moved from the Admiral's Lounge into the Member forum. I'm, working on making faction pages on the website,m which will hopefully have complete unit lists with armaments, fighter complements, etcetera for R1 by July. The unit list for Imperial Civil War will soon take its place in the Admiral's Lounge.

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