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Brand new tutorials are available at EAW and More. They are unique EAW and More( http://www.eawandmore.com/forum/ ) content so you will see them no where else. A variety of tutorials are already available.

Mapping: -Space Map Tutorial Buttons and Functions -Land Map Buttons and Functions -Mapping Hints -Tutorial: Ramps -Tutorial: Creating Platforms -Tutorial: Creating a Bridge -Tutorial: Waterfall -Tutorial: Using a Custom Height Map

General Modding: -Tutorial: Applying a Skin to a Skydome (Hex-editing) -Tutorial: Creating a Random Height Map in Photoshop -Tutorial: Making Simple Nebula Skydomes

XML Coding: -Thinking Differently With Self-Destruct: Blackholes Anyone?(members only section)

There are alse several tutorials in the process of being made:

-Galactic Conquest and Skirmish Map Markers -Tutorial: Volcanoes -Tutorial: Rivers -Mapping a Temperate Map(Enceladus Style) -Mapping an Arctic Map(Enceladus Style) -Mapping a Volcanic Map(Enceladus Style) -Mapping a Swamp Map(Enceladus Style) -Mapping a Space Map(Enceladus Style) -Mapping an Urban Map(Enceladus Style)

For all these tutorials visit EAW and More. http://www.eawandmore.com/forum/ Some tutorials are in areas that require forum registration.

~EAW and More Team~ ~Home of Casilikan Insurrection~ ~Home of the Skydome Mod~ ~ http://www.eawandmore.com/forum/ ~

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