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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hello everyone, i am here once again to inform you of 2 mods which United Modding Group are going to be launching in the next couple of days. Below are their names and their purpose in the community.

Mod Name- Battlestar Galactica- The Awakening Type-Total Conversion Launch Date- 21st of June 2008 Mod Team- United Modding Staff and others.

Battlestar Galactica The Awakening is a Total Conversion mod for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption, the mod aims to add in 2 new factions from the Battlestar Galactica Universe, The Cylons and the Colonials, the mod will contain units from BSG Colonial Wars, though this mod sets to install the following:-

->> Realistic Rotating BSG Turrets for the main Battlestar and Basestars that use them ->> Advanced maps with more population and less props such as Asteroid Fields etc ->> A New GC Campaign map with Events will be created to send you on missions with your Battlestars or Basestars ->> New And Old Series Ships and Heroes for the full NEW and OLD experience of BSG ->> A wide Range of Canon and Un Canon designs for more variety ->> New Graphics such as New Dashboard and other effects

If you are interested in the mod and want to find out more about it visit the mod page today, it is listed on the sites at this address http://unitedmodding.com.


Mod Name- Return of the Sith Type-Partcial Addon/Mod Launch Date- 23rd of June 2008 Mod Team- United Modding Staff and others.

Return of the Sith is a mod for the Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption expansion, the mod aims to continue the cliffhangar ending of which the creators at Lucasarts and Petroglyph left us at, the mod is going to add a completly new Faction into the game which will be commanded by Silri, she will raise the old sith army, with their old more advanced vehicle designs, lead the sith army into batle against The Empire, The Rebel alliance and the mighty Zann Consortium.

The mod sets to install the Following:-

->>Realistic models and high detailed textures ->>Death Animations to the highest Standards ->>Realistic Custom Projectiles ->>New Unique Additions to all Factions ->>A Campaign map for you to lead Silri on her missions

If you want to find out more visit the webpage on http://unitedmodding.com

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Other News

United Modding Group is still recruiting, the team has grown from the 7 members it had the last time i updated to 17 members, we still have an array of positions for people to take up and if your interested please visit the link below.


Below are some images of the Updated Textures on some of the ships from the mod BSG The Awakening.

For More Information Check out the forums!


Thanks United Modding Group

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