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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Are you interested in Joining a Mod Group? Do you have modelling Skills? Well if you answered yes to both United Modding needs you, we are currently looking for modellers to model units for the mod we will be creating, if you have any skills united Modding wants to hear, you can do this by emailing the head Founder, sending me a PM or posting right here on the topic, if your doing so you will need to show an Example of your work and an email contact for us to contact you. If interested you are advised to apply, all applications will be reviewed and discussed.

If Recruitment of a couple of modellers cant be done in the next couple of weeks then a timescale for Return of the Sith mod and the BSG The Awakening mod will stretch out very far, at the moment we lack hugely in Modellers and are urgently in need for anyone with any type of modelling skill to join. The Models we request you to build will be given out as to how good your modelling standards are.

But if your interested in a job please Apply.

Anyone with any modelling skills will be reviwed as a possible modellers for UMG

Thanks, United Modding

Head Founder Byron1234@hotmail.com

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