United Modding Studios: Grand Opening

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In 2008 it was deemed that United Modding Group shutdown because of lack of staff and other problems within the Group , but here Byron is today once again bringing you news. This news may seem great to some but not to others, on Tuesday the 20th of January 2009 Byron re-activated United Modding Group (UMG). This decision came after a lot of long and hard thinking about the group, and how things had gone down hill since the community of UMG Shutdown, Byron decided to let some of the old members of UMG give comments on his thoughts of re-opening United Modding Group, most agreed that it would be a good idea, mostly eveyone agreed it was a good choice. Byron quotes from one member “things haven’t been same since UMG went.” these comments came from a variety of old and new members to UMG, in the end its these comments and the support of Byron's C-Leader, Grand_Admiral_Potts that made him think that re-opening UMG might not be a bad idea, but what about changing it slightly. United Modding Group is what everyone knew the old UMG like; the new and improved UMG will be known as United Modding Studios. This modding group will serve the purpose of only creating mods in the community, it will no longer support mods of any kind but tonly its own mods. UMG was once controlled by "Founder" decision only, and this is one of the reasons the old UMG closed. The new and reformed United Modding Studios will be making many changes to how decisions will be made. It will no longer be run by just the Head Founder but by a group known as the United Studios Council. This council will make joint decision together with majority votes counting for the final decisions made. United Modding Studios hopes to bring you some of the mods that United Modding Group wanted to bring to you; these will of course include the long awated Total Conversion into Battlestar Galactica, BSG The War! As founder of United Studios Byron and its Affiliates can vouch for the fact that this mod is under construction, as the Head Coder he has overseen the the beginning of the coding base for the Total Conversion as well as some Graphical Updates to both GC and Game Contents. Byron hopes to be bringing you more information in the next couple of months on the progress being made on this mod. This is one thing UMS will be doing is creating one mod at a time and keeping things smooth running and not overloading on the work load. So yes you’ve all read this and are know aware that United Modding Group will be returning, United Modding Studios does hope to bring some of the standards that UMG once had, they hope to maintain an active up to date site with an active and booming forum community. So do not hesitate, visit the forums today and sign up. If you are a modder and would like to be a part of the new changes at UMS please contact Byron via email/PM here or on any other forum. United Modding Studios http://unitedstudios.co.uk/forum
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