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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The Variant mod is underway!

if your not on the forums, then you probably don't remember the first Variant mod thread. it died out after my computer first died and i lost all my data. But oh well here comes my new one.

What is the variant mod? -A mod that simply takes a ship, and changes it's weapons, and makes it buildable

Why is this a mod, it seems remarkably easy to do. -It is easy but i'm going to be building up onto this so eventually, maybe next version new ships may appear, and then even a new faction mayhaps

How many new "Variants" will there be? -right now i'm thinking around 30-40. if there is a problem with build space, i'll get a golan to act as a building station. thats if necessary.

What are some current ships/ or any examples of this mod. -Hyper velocity Star destroyer -Diamond Boron Star Destroyer -Missile Mon cal -Ionic Mon cal -Mass driver Marauder -Ionic Broadside -plasma krayt (i'm hoping for rescaling a new projectile for the blasts) -Many More

Once it's almost done i'll be asking for beta testers, here and on the forums



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