Weekly Poll Results - New Years has come and gone. What was your New Years resol

By Mr.Funsocks 15 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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New Years has come and gone. What was your New Years resolution?

Get better grades in school 42.8% (381)

None of the above - Post what it was in comments 19.6% (175)

Spend more time on EaW Files 13.4% (120)

Make more EaW Maps and Mods 9.7% (87)

Get that raise at work 9.3% (83)

Become staff on EaW Files 4.9% (44)

Total: 890
Start: 01-03-2009 12:40
Last: 01-20-2009 19:50

 #1 - Posted by: Mr.Funsocks (Staff) on 01-03-2009 at 12:41
None of the above - Mine was to guard EaW Files from the invading hordes! ;)

 #2 - Posted by: simplestarwarsfan (Member) on 01-03-2009 at 14:33
^lol.... i didnt have one which is ironic because i did a article for my school paper on new years resolutions

 #3 - Posted by: DirkDiggler76 (Member) on 01-03-2009 at 18:02
smoke more cones while playing eaw

 #4 - Posted by: lordrevan555 (Member) on 01-03-2009 at 21:10
Play more Video Games.

 #5 - Posted by: BillyChaka (Member) on 01-03-2009 at 21:25
grades, man... gotta get the grades before i can play the games.

 #6 - None of the above: - Posted by: catfish55 (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 01:17
Wait patiently for decent Clone Wars-era FoC mod

 #7 - Posted by: Grand_Admiral_Andrew (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 06:24
none of the above mine is lose weight lol

 #8 - Posted by: CaptainVerbic (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 08:27
Rule the world.

 #9 - Posted by: Jedi_Walon (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 10:14
To be more secure.

 #10 - Posted by: hairbautt (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 10:53
Hey mine was to rule the world... :'(

 #11 - Posted by: FoxTheHooded (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 12:35
To eat cookies and watch for a better Mod.

 #12 - Posted by: IrationalFear (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 16:04
I mean no offense, but I personally think that you are pathetic if you have to wait untill the last day of the year to make a decision to improve yourself. In other words, I hate procrastinators and people who only make resolutions on a single day of the year. It's not tradition, its an excuse to be lazy for the rest of the year. Now, if you make resolutions on more than one day, than that is good.

 #13 - Posted by: froggy14 (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 17:34
IrationalFear, you need to make a resolution to chill out and relax.. And people make them on the first day of the year to get a fresh start and so they won't procrastinate, hints in the new years resoulution not old years resolution.

 #14 - Posted by: mike_1234567890 (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 18:36
to get better mods and... maby.. juuuuuuuuuuust maby... get better grades

 #15 - Bungie - Posted by: Vrishnak92 (Member) on 01-04-2009 at 19:12
Become a member of Bungie and work an alliance between Lucasarts and Bungie (like Blizzards and Activisions alliance)

 #16 - Posted by: mpaj (Member) on 01-05-2009 at 13:53
To be the power behind the throne of those who plan to rule the world.

 #17 - None of the above! - Posted by: Jack2066 (Member) on 01-06-2009 at 14:33
Stop doing that Bag

 #18 - None of the above - Posted by: Schofield (Member) on 01-07-2009 at 11:51
Definatly not become a member of any filefront files..

 #19 - uh... - Posted by: swwar (Member) on 01-07-2009 at 18:14
wait for z3r0x v4 to come out (if it ever does)

 #20 - Posted by: CaptainVerbic (Member) on 01-08-2009 at 11:13
You mean RaW/IA2


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