World at War: In Need of Staff

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In August 2007 the mod World at War was founded by Grand_Admiral_Potts, from this day in 2007 World At War production never really got off the ground. The lack of staff on the team meant that the vital models needed to create the mod couldn't be made, in this day and age of EAW Modding, modellers are hard to find as most mod teams know , and its not just the lack of modellers that WAW is suffering from its the lack of almost every type of staff that a mod team requires, this is why today the WAW Team is posting a "Final Push" to get extra Staff on board the WAW Team to possibly complete this mod over the next Year or so, if this staff recruitment fails Grand_Admiral_Potts will have no choice but to either put a hold on World at War or to shut it down completely; there is no point in continuing a mod which isn't going to go anywhere.

So, what staff members does the WAW Team Require?

•Modellers- Must be able to Create the models required including the rigging of hardpoints and death animations, and must be able to Convert to .alo also. •Mappers- Must be able to set high standards with their Mapping, mostly maps of ground and sea battles will only be required, should have knowledge of Mapping for Galactic Conquest Maps. •Coders- Advanced and Intermediate XML Coders required, with the knowledge to code new Galactic Conqest maps, and to code Ground, Space Hero and Prop Units into the game via XML

If you Are interested in joining the team you can visit their site and new forums on You can also go to the recruitment link provided in the top forum.

This is the final recruitment notice the WAW Team will be placing, if this fails they will as said before come to a decision on what to do with the mod. If they don’t manage to recruit at least 3 extra staff members the WAW Team will be haulting the project until further notice.

Mod Leader of World at War: Grand_Admiral_Potts

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