World at War: Mod Shutdown

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As one of the final Co-Leaders on the World at War mod, Byron brings bad news to you. The mod has been in production for a very long time, and hasn't seen any real progress, besides a few models here and there. The task the mod leader had set out to do might have been one he himself couldn't have completed, and we all knew that this day would come. In a dying community this mod is one of the very many of mods which have died, due to lack of interest and staff. The mod is being shutdown along with its site and its assets. The remaining mod team are deeply saddened to see the mod go, and the main mod founder is also. They regret to also tell you that there isn't a chance that the mod will be re-activated in the future. Due to the state of the EAW community as percieved by the mod team many are feeling that moving on is the best way to get on.

They would like to thank everyone who has assisted in anyway with creating this mod and are deeply sorry for the decision made. On behalf of the Mod Founder and Byron the leader, they wish all the members here happy modding and maybe they will see you in another community one day, and one day you might witness a full drawn out conversion of a mod called World at War.

The Mod Founder (Grand_Admiral_Potts) was unable to post this message as of a broken arm, but he sends his regards.

Mod Cancelled on the 05/03/2009

Thanks for all the support!

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