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18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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WorthPlaying has released a new preview which includes tons of new screenshots! Here's a snippet from this preview: [quote] Fight your way to the surface, and your ground troops might face AT-AT walkers or fight against the wookie population of Kashyyk. Darth Vader might show up to wield his force powers against some sand people. It’s quite a nice touch to have the various planets be home to their specific races, and crushing those pesky wookies under your bootheels is quite satisfying. Ground combat is where the battle for the planet is won or lost. Once you’ve taken control of the planet, it provides you resources that you can use to further build your army, as well as a steady supply of income each turn or other bonuses. Conquering planets is what will win or lose the game for you. Without the income, you can’t build units, and without units, you can’t defend yourself. [/quote]Head to WorthPlaying to check out more details from this preview. Good screenshots too!

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