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Mods Star Wars: Galaxy at War

known as Ultimate Empire Mod, in which i thought needed more work, so i kept enhancing it until i came up with enhanced FOC, and then Galaxy...


Mods Rise of the Mandalorians

HUGE mod intended to enhance FoC in every way possible by tweaking gameplay, graphics, AI, and so forth. Although this mod has been in devel...


Mods Ultimate Weapons Mod FoC Patch

(practically a nuke); no protective base shield or air units (besides bomber). Empire: best artillery unit and SSD; most vulnerable light gr...


Mods Jagged Squadrons

when these fighters are about to go head to head is an epic affair!~fosh


Mods Erebus' Heroes EAW Launcher

Neat mod that alters the launcher skin and audio that runs when you lauch SW:EAW. The audio contains R2-D2 talking and a lightsaber.


Mods Ultimate Weapons Mod FoC

particle effects, such as proton torpedos. The Aggressor now has two make-shift super lasers. All artillery can fire much farther, making th...


Mods Erebus' Villians EAW Launcher

a lightsaber turning on.


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Mods Return of the Clones

While the corrupt Tyber Zann collects and upgrades relics from the Clone Wars to aid his bid for power, a new Republic rises in the outer ri...


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Mods Invincibility and Other Things Mod

with fast build times. There are two sets of files that you can install allowing you to choose which faction you want to make super powerful...


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Mods Big Battles and Realism

last longer. You can top that off with 1 credit costs and 1 second reload times. The Star Destroyer is faster and all Empire ships do more d...


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Mods Imperial Ground Mod

each time the deploy stormtroopers ability is used . Stormtroopers also now come in squads of 30. Also everything that is part of the Empire...


Mods Silri's Twisted Sister

Rancor. This file requires knowledge of how to use XML in order to install. You need to know how to add a new hero yourself, however. Put th...


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Mods AI Patch: Return of the Clones v5

reinforcements, build mining structures and take actions against enemy teams. Please keep in mind that this is not an official patch and wil...


Mods Ultimate Deathstar Mod

of only one credit. If this mod sounds interesting to you then give it a download.


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Mods New XML

does not go into much more detail on what the specific changes are. If this sounds interesting to you then give this mod a download.


Mods Corporate Addon Mod

brand new faction to the game, the Corporates, which ahs a wide range of units from multiple Star Wars eras. This mod offers a multitude of...


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Mods Intro Movie Skipping

If this mod interests you then give it a download.


Mods Jesus7Freak's SSD MiniMod

Defender, the Eclipse, the Vengeance Super Star Destroyer, and even more with this release. It goes further to add several maps, new sound e...


Mods Star Destroyer Realisim

This mod has a simple task: It swaps the Ion Cannons and the back pair of Turbo Lasers on the Imperial Star Destroyer, making it more cannon...


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Mods Corporate Addon Mod 2.5 Patch

the vanilla Forces of Corruption game. This mod adds a brand new faction to the game, the Corporates, which ahs a wide range of units from m...


Mods Hardpoint Accurate Text Mod

following hardpoints were re-labeled:Ion Megaweapon: Aggressor-class DestroyerPlasma Megaweapon: Aggresor-class DestroyerShield Leech Emitte...


Mods Jagged Squadrons

perfectly-aligned and flat fighter groups and gave them a more dynamic and swarm-like appearance. Each squadron type has its own custom form...


Mods Combo Mod

Installer to create the installer. If you liked smartone29's other mods but want an easier way to install them then consider downloading thi...


Mods Venator Buildibility

mod catches your eye then give it a download.