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Demo Mods Chriz EAW Demo Mod

This demo mod allows you to play with a few new toys. I couldn't understand much more because it's from the German community.


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Demo Mods Zach's First Mod

Just a simple mod to test out my stuff. Switched teams to the Empire, activated a new planet. Replaced the tutorial maps with asteroids maps...


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Demo Mods RiverSide's Demo Mod

With this mod for the EAW Demo, there are Star Destroyers for the Imperial side, and you get Mon Calamaris. You also get access to A Wings,...


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Demo Mods EAW Demo Mod

features... Rebels now start the demo with 99,999 credits Wookies and Jawas playable from Start Missile Cruisers with adjusted speeds are...


Demo Mods MOD's of Chr0n1x

Right folks, in brief, this is the MOD from Chr0n1x, along with all of his three patches rolled into one. Once downloaded, you'll have seve...


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Demo Mods Ultimate MODs (X4)

Well, this is the four Ultimate MODs (two on easy - two on hard) - located in different folders throughout the unzipped file.


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Demo Mods Expanded Campaign

This mod adds Kashyyyk and Ryloth to the demo campaign. Kashyyyk's ground map doesn't work within the campaign, but Ryloth's map should....


Demo Mods Customizable Ship

Right, well from the screenshots this ship looks nice, though I'm unsure about the file. When having a look through it, something felt "miss...


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Demo Mods Mega Mod Cheap

The "Mega Mod" is going to be a series of mods that i will be making. this is my first mod, which makes space stuff at a lower price. it a...


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Demo Mods MODs of Sithman

Yet another package, this time the ones from Sithman and ADTHRAWN DESIGNS


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Demo Mods Galactic Conquest Collection

This, much alike some of the other latest additions is all the patches, along with the MOD of the Galactic Conquest release. There has also...


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Demo Mods Warlord Packaging

All of the Warlord MOD's rolled into one once again. The final package! - Enjoy :)


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Demo Mods Bryants Stuff

The Completeion Pack for Bryants' Demo MODs - All compiled into one pack.