Star Wars: Empire at War

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Tatooine Base Jasking95 1.31MB 100
Sith Warfare Maps Shadowddl7588 58KB 591
(JEM)Fate Of Thyferra Part 2 MalakVsRevan 292KB 69
death star map for foc jangofett890 3.84MB 230
Yoden battlestation map 2 FoC Yoden 147KB 276
Kuat gunship55 259KB 113
Kuat Attack Acclamator8 2.06MB 84
yoden geonosis map foc Yoden 266KB 70
Skirmish in Space globoglobito 104KB 317
Peragus II Acclamator8 146KB 68
BattleField: Isengard Chaosredsock 4.18MB 1397
HothEmpireStike Sky_walker 62KB 3511
Aves' Galactic Conquest Map Aves 18KB 13001
Aves Conquest Map Pack Aves 54KB 16941
Coruscant Tunnels Comandercody9 520KB 115
Yavin IV Lord Grievous 1.78MB 512
Naboo Bluedog98 105KB 421
Imperial_Elite Darth_Binare 548KB 547
Winter Assault TheAlbinoPenguin 1.46MB 608
Polus At War voyagerd2001 5KB 374
Galian Conquest mynameisaw 4KB 350
Valley Forge Hated_Sien 151KB 357
Assault at Eosarim Tokakeke 21KB 1470
Mygeeto Outskirts Lord Grievous 856KB 89
Mygeeto Outskirts Lord Grievous 865KB 595
HillTop Struggle Hated_Sien 69KB 373
Crash on Dantooine Tokakeke 16KB 635
Diverse Conflicts Sev1207 105KB 1657
Confrontation over Eosarim Tokakeke 5KB 615
Rebellion Squash Gibba 3KB 305
Recapturing the Temple Tokakeke 9KB 711
Greivours Pirate Raid Vango 2.17MB 782
a_halusination. Guest 285KB 608
Battle over Kamino luuke_skywalker 5KB 2862
CHAOS! Tuner89 19KB 646
Defence of Mon Calimari. AdmiralEvan 352KB 1816
Ison Corridor Ambush D803 12KB 301
Geonosian Battle Guest 27KB 673
Prison Map Darth_Rann 9KB 462
Moff Falast's Base LJ6 287KB 331
D-DAY Evil_Twin_ 685KB 715
D-DAY Evil_Twin_ 688KB 2746
Battle of Hoth FNDelta 420KB 4871
EAW Space Map dr_duck 2.29MB 1619
Theda City Pvt_Jenkins 1019KB 462
Mustafar V2 Tokakeke 300KB 874
Battle over Helska IV Vezner 8KB 1878
Hyrule Guest 3.84MB 950
Electric Space Guest 238KB 516