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Maps and Scenarios Hyrule

This map is an accurate map based on Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Maps and Scenarios Electric Space

The map terrain is basically Space With a lot of electrical Clouds and some Special Effects. The metal bases are some Parts of the death s...


Maps and Scenarios Kessel Raid

Kyle Katarn to the Rebel 8th tactical strike force (aka the Rebellion Extermination and Botanical Enthusiast’s League) Alright me...


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Maps and Scenarios Kuat Shipyards

-A pirate fleet at the bottom left of the map. Watch out! -Imperial Drydocks with under-construction Star Destroyers and various other sh...


Maps and Scenarios Diverse Conflicts

This new map package brings 3 new exciting maps to make your multiplayer experiences more worth while and fun. These maps feature in new la...


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Maps and Scenarios Realistic Hoth

This is a map of the empire strike on Hoth in Empire Strike Back.


Maps and Scenarios Rhen Var

Rhen VAr mod by Dave White extract the .ted file to Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Empire at War\ Gamedata\Data\CustomMaps


Maps and Scenarios Kotor VI

A large asteroid has collided with the planet Kotor VI. Local Empire, Rebellion and pirate forces fight to survive. The map features...


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Maps and Scenarios Defense of Mustafar

DEFENSE OF MUSTAFAR Planet: Mustafar Time Period: ANH Support: Land Skirmish 4v4 Mustafar, recreated in all its lava-spittin' glory. I...


Maps and Scenarios FuzionInfinityMappack

Map pack containing several land-based areas, including the Alderaan Citadel.


Maps and Scenarios bobelkadan map

It takes place on the remote temperate grassy planet of Belkadan.The Rebels strike the Imperial Outpost on Belkadan, but they will find taki...


Maps and Scenarios Collision at Kotor VI

A large asteroid has collided with the planet Kotor VI. Local Empire, Rebellion and Pirate forces fleets have been destroyed. The remaining...


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Maps and Scenarios The Kuat Shipyards

Since this is my first map it may have a few problems. Basically, the shipyards of Kuat are under attack. The rebels have hyperspaced in a l...


Maps and Scenarios Vergesso Hazards

This is a large 4v4 multiplayer space map of the Vergesso Asteroids. It includes: Multiple asteroid clusters (duh) A few death clones that...


Maps and Scenarios East Wood

My idea to create this map was that I wanted to have a map which would put a few of the basic rules aside so I made this map. What makes thi...


Maps and Scenarios Frontline Map

Its a map with two starbases per team, each one upgraded seperatly, two of the star bases are close to each other, in the middle of the map,...


Maps and Scenarios Kamino the Planet

My seconds map! Finally a Kamino land planet! Once again the Rebels strike. The Empire must garrison their posts and capture new reinforcem...


Maps and Scenarios Outerspace Map

This Map is more than a map its kinda a mod too. You're trapped in a asteroid field. What should we do? Fight the enemy!


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Maps and Scenarios UIMC Droid's Mappack V1

Features: "Bonadan Shield": - 3 Space Stations per side - Strategically placed mining facilities and defense turrets "Eraidu Stretc...


Maps and Scenarios Caustic - Star Wars: EAW Skirmish Land Map (2v2)

This is land skirmish map!


Maps and Scenarios Yavin Mappack MPv1

The land map is a rather straightforward affair. The rebels are at the top of the hill, the imps at the bottom. The rebels have more pre-...


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Maps and Scenarios Echo Base

Land Skirmish map 1V1. There are no Screenshots.


Maps and Scenarios A Galaxy Divided V1.1

This MOD really has nothing to do with the SW timeline it is possibly the most uncannon thing that was ever uncannon.


Maps and Scenarios A war Hounds Battle

This is a space map that consists of- For Rebels 1. V-wings for Rebels 8. Millenium Falcons 1. Luke X-wings 2. Star base Tec...