Star Wars: Empire at War

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Lusankya Rebel SSD Jedi_Consular 3.9MB 108
Pelleaon SD & TIE Predator Warb_Null 2.38MB 540
Shadow Droid Warb_Null 126KB 54
Republic Dreadnought Battlecruiser Keeper_of_faith 2.1MB 1427
Rebel CC7700 Interdictor Frigate Keeper_of_faith 832KB 769
Conflict in Space: New Models Avenger85 2.84MB 1419
Battle Droids Keeper_of_faith 398KB 1039
Battle Droids v0.3 Keeper_of_faith 1.67MB 1709
CIS Armoured Assault Tank Keeper_of_faith 1.47MB 1373
Lucrehulk Battleship Keeper_of_faith 1.77MB 2256
Providence-Class Carrier/Destroyer Keeper_of_faith 1.58MB 2040
MC80b Mon Calamari Cruiser Keeper_of_faith 1.55MB 728
MC40 Light Cruiser Keeper_of_faith 1.1MB 940
Loronar Strike Cruiser Keeper_of_faith 1.52MB 874
Munificent Star Frigate Keeper_of_faith 707KB 1267
Model Pack Sources Keeper_of_faith 8.42MB 1676
Red October Abyssinian02 77KB 182
V-19 Torrent Starfighter & V-19B Bomber (Non-canonical) ShaloKran 735KB 517
Corellian Dragon Interceptor RebelMoon 893KB 417
FeoX Nomada_Firefox 169KB 169
FeoY Nomada_Firefox 122KB 159
Lord X's SSD Model Pack Lord X 8.74MB 1607
War of the Worlds tripod model Blamtroid 224KB 164
Omega Modding Group Public Release : Consortium Zealot Shard_C9 394KB 252
Corellian YT2400 Freighter Major A Payne 658KB 360
Corellian YT2000 Freighter Major A Payne 272KB 393
OMG : Model Pack Omega Modding Group 37.36MB 1143
Mudkip SSD for Conflict in Space Matva 296KB 136
ISD Model with Additional Bones Codeuser 491KB 180
Pirate Starfighters Warb_Null 704KB 298
NavyTrooper with E11 Sgt. Hicks 255KB 170
Stormtrooper with E-11 Sgt. Hicks 490KB 373
Conflicts in Space Version 6 Model preview pack Daft_Vader2 2.81MB 222
Lusankya Rebel SSD Final Jedi_Consular 2.99MB 149
Scythe Cruiser and Crossfire Starfighter Warb_Null 2.27MB 373
Pirate Units NR2 Warb_Null 3.61MB 208
Doomtreader and Montross Warb_Null 973KB 214
Stinger and Guri Warb_Null 1.15MB 96
Republic Corvettes Warb_Null 3.98MB 226
Aurra Sing's Corvette and Fighter Warb_Null 1.39MB 93
Republic Nu Shuttle Warb_Null 1.01MB 125