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Models Old Republic Ship Model Pack (V2.0)

This model pack contains numerous ship models from the Clone Wars Era.


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Models Imperial Land Units

The following reskins were once intended for a mod I was creating, but due to my lack of interest to carry on the mod, I have decided to rel...


Models Sith Soldier

Yet another Knights of the Old Republic era release hits EaW Files today :P This Sith Soldier is an important part of any old Sith army, and...


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Models Yuzhan Vong Warrior

One of the more obscure parts of the EaW modding scene would be the efforts to include the Yuuzhan Vong ingame. However, this model might he...


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Models MAL Artillery Death Animation

Originally intended for the FX Mod this brand new MAL death animation has found its way to FileFront. The animation functions like a death c...


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Models HAV B6 Juggernaut Deathclone

Kalo gives us another vehicle death clone to use ingame, which looks very nice and realistic. Definitely a great addition to any mod looking...


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Models AT-TE Death Clone

In my Juggernaut DCs comments, someone asked for a Clone War DC, here you go guys, I'm not particularly proud of it. But I know someo...


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Models Sith Bomber

Kalo and the Ages of Star Wars have decided to release one of their old assets, the Sith Bomber. This release is perfect for Knights of the...


Models KotOR Mandalorians

Mandalorian Neocrusader models as seen in the Knights of the Old Republic games. Included are Mandalore (Canderous), a soldier with a heavy...