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Tools basic EAW map turtorial

My friend showed interest in mapping and he had no clue how to even begin. It's a pity that Petroglyph didn't include one with EAW Map Edi...


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Tools Advanced EAW tutorial

Well here it is, The advanced space mapping tutorial. If you have not already done so check out the basic tutorial. This tutorial does not...


Tools DAT editor (Text)

This is simply the text editor for EaW/FoC created by RenEvo. Use it to add/edit/delete the text for Empire at War and Forces of Corruption...


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Demo Tools Demo MOD Tools

Well Folks, here we have some tools for getting at the EAW Demo files (the ones you can't normally get to and / or that simply wont open). T...


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Game Tools Empire at War XML Files

This is the extracted XML from the patch 1.2 version of EAW using MegExtractor expanded. 366 files. It has the file structures remade into f...


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Game Tools Star Wars: Empire at War XML Files

These are the Empire at War XML files. They are the Basis blocks for Any Mod.-Foshjedi2004


Game Tools Star Wars: Empire at War Map Editor

After much waiting and anticipation, Petroglyph's Empire at War Map Editor is finally available for download.The STAR WARS: EMP...


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Game Tools 3DS Max 7 and 8 Plugin for Map Editor

As requested by the community, the Autodesk 3ds MAX 7 & 8 Plug-in has been released as an unsupported update. We look forward to seeing the...


Game Tools EAW/ FoC Mod Launcher

Contained is the EAW/FoC Mod Launcher Program by the Team over at SMG. It automatically detects all Mods you have installed in Modpaths....


Game Tools SMG XML Editor for EAW and FoC

This is an XML editor for Empire at War and Forces of Corruption.


Game Tools IG-11's Prop Pack

This mod adds a range of new props for use in map making. ~Scorpinox


Game Tools Map Preview Generator for EAW/FOC

EAW Map Preview Generator allows you to create previews of your custom made maps by taking a screenshot of them in the editor. They will the...


Game Tools Snow Prop Pack

This file is a pack of reskinned game props so that they may be used in an arctic setting. Not much more to say. Download if you like the...


Game Tools SMG-MOD Launcher- Zip

EaW/FoC Mod Launcher is a reskin of the same Steiner Modding Group launcher released earlier. There seems to be no major change in functiona...


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Game Tools FinalBIG v0.4b

Originally released for C&C Generals and Battle for Middle Earth, FinalBIG now supports Empire at War's MEG file format.


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Game Tools EAWExtractor 1.0.2

Made by RenEvo Software & Designs, this is a file extractor utility for Empire at War. With this small program you can browse and extract da...


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Game Tools EAW Mod Manager

Just as the name says...a mod manager for EAW mods. Comes with an installer. Includes a help section explaining how to use the mod manager.


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Game Tools Empire at War Map Editor Walkthrough

This is the original Star Wars: Empire at War Map Editor Walkthrough document done by Peroglyph. I uploaded this for all persons who have qu...


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Game Tools Star Wars: Empire at War Map Editor Installer

This is the Installer for the Star Wars: Empire at War Map Editor. I uploaded this file for all who want to be a Mapper and maybe later a Le...