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The name of the mod changed! (Used to be Eaw Enhanced V1-2.) This mod adds new units for the Empire and for the Rebels. The popualtion cap....


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The name of the mod changed! (Used to be Eaw Enhanced V1-2.) This mod adds new units for the Empire and for the Rebels. The popualtion cap. is also now made set at 65. The projectiles are also changed. This version also has new ground units. Also improved some of the gameplay from V2.

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Download 'enhancedeaw.zip' (72.64MB)

 [Changes in V3]
[Added units/ships]
-Nebulon-B's are added to ground battles. 
-Nebulon-B2's are added to ground battles. 
-Imperial Dreadnoughts are also available in ground battles.
-Acclamator's are added to ground battles.
-X-wings and TIE fighters are added to the ground. 
-Lancers and Corellian Corvetes are added to the ground. 
-Quasar-fire class carriers are added. 
-TIE\D (droid) fighters are added.
-Added the Sovereign SSD.
-Added the Titan Heavy Cruiser
-Added the Loronar strkie cruiser.
-Added the Bayonet-class light cruiser. 
-Added the MC90 calamari cruiser. 
-Added the Vengeance SSD. 
-Added the Bothan Assault Cruiser to the Rebels.
-Added CC7700 Interdictor Frigates to the Rebels, replaces buildable Rebel Escort Frigates.
-Added Imperial EMP Troopers. (Anti-Vehicle.)
-Added the Bulwark Battle Cruiser to the Rebels. 
-Added the Dauntless cruiser to the Rebels. (also cant add an icon, would mess up the icons.)
-Added the Mediator Cruiser. (replaces MC80)
-Added the New Republic SD to the Empire.
-Added battle droids, super battle droids, and destroyer droids to the Pirates and rebels.
-Added an easter egg(hidden unit). (dont say what it is if you found it, just say you found it.)

[General gameplay additions/changes]
-Mara's acclamator has a tractor beam emitter.
-Mara's acclamator's 'fog of war reveal' ability has a larger effective radius, longer lasting time, and quicker recharge time. 
-Changed The Devastators scale factor, and its lasers now shoot purple.
-Changed the color of the Proton beam(red) and Tractor beam(blue).
-Added new skirmish team colors, black and white.(white just makes ships have no team colors.)
-Added new planets. (I think 13 to be exact)
-Added new Ep3 music.
-Made it so the cis ships, eta, arc170, are only buildable in skirmish from the merchant space dock. 
-All pirate ships now shoot yellow lasers and turbolasers. 
-Made it so you cant build any fighters in skirmish in Tech 5, gives more room to ships, and most ships have hangars. 
-Changed the Hypervelocity gun projectile. (ground version, ships still shoot the normal ones.)
-B-wings are more powerful against larger ships.
-Changed color of proton torpedoes, they are now dark redish instead of lighter red.

[fixed bugs from V2]
-SSD texture issue has been fixed.(they now show up)
-Removed the Lucrehulks engines, it is now able to be destroyed.
-Made it so vader now has the Avenger in GC, and Piett has the Executor in GC. 
-Fixed the bug where the empire AI could build the Leviathan and you couldnt.
-Made it so some of the ships are buildable on the bottom row in GC mode. 

[fixed bugs from beta of V3]
-vengeance SSD now has textures.
-large ships being buildable at level 1 space station, removed them.
-strike Cruisers are able to be destroyed now.

 [Changes in V2]
Vader's SD now has two laser cannons instead of ion cannons.
Mara Jade's Acclamator has more shielding and health.
The Executor has a hypervelocity gun.
The Executor also has a heavy Ion cannon and a magnepulse cannon.
Escort frigates actually follow the capital ship they spawn from.
Acclamator's health, shielding, and weapons are stronger.
Mon Calamari Cruisers have hangers and escorts. (forgot them in V1.)
Rebels now have the dreadnought.
Nebulon-B2's are added to the Rebels. 
The Empire has the dreadnaught.
Population cap. is increased to 65. 
Repair crafts are added, both side have a different one.
Arc-170 starfighters are added to the rebels.
Eta-2 Interceptor fighters are added.
Heroes are stronger. (Ground)
Pirates have the Venator, Arc170, and Eta-2 Interceptor. 
Executor's icon changed from Piett to SSD. 
Any scale issues are fixed. (NOTE: Home One is scaled ALMOST acurately or else it would be a little big to the SSD.)
The Empire has a TIE Advanced squadron. 
The Rebels have old Providence-class cruisers, Lucrehulk battleships, Recusant light destroyers, and Munificant star frigate. 
Any bugs are fixed.
Toned starvipers down ALOT and made Acclamators produce less of them. 
Pirates have the munificent and recusant.
Upgrades have beeen taken out of skirmish to give more room to ships.
Everything has descriptions and proper icons.
Dreadnaughts are toned down a bit. 
B-wings are added and are scaled.
The Moldy Crow is scaled down a bit.
Lancer-class Frigates are added to the Empire. 
The Empire has the Venator.
Tartan cruisers are taken out COMPLETELY, Lancers have more weapons and are alot better. 
carrack-class cruisers are added.
MC80-B's are added. 
E-Wing Fighters are added.
The Leviathan Interdictor is added to the Pirates, but is buildable at Merchant space docks in skirmish. 
MC40's are added to the rebels, light Mon Cal. frigate. 

[New features]

Popualtion cap. increased to 50. 
New space units. 
Capital ships now spawn two escort friagtes.
    Mon Calamari cruiser-Spawns two Rebel Escort Frigates-(New unit.)
    Star Destroyer-Spawns two Imperial Escort Frigates-(New unit.)
Both escort frigates are also buildable on their own.
Projectiles are changed a bit.
The ships are scaled accuratley.
For skirmish, the credit income is increased greatly so you can build a lot of bigger ships. 
Some unit costs changed.

[New ships]

Imperial Escort Frigate-Imperial version of the Nebulon-B.
V-Wing fighter squadron. 
Executor-captain Piett.
TIE Interceptor-two times better then normal TIE fighter.
The Avenger-Vader's SD.
The Devastator-Mara Jade's Acclamator Assault Ship, has a Hypervelocity Gun.

Rebel Escort Frigate-(Rebel version of the pirate interceptor frigate.)
MC-80 Cruiser-The same MCC that Ackbar uses just not a hero unit, and does not replace normal MCC. 
venator cruiser-has a blue proton beam.
Moldy Crow-Kyle Katarns ship.
Starviper fighter. 

Copy the text, art, and XML files into C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\SWEAW\Gamedata\Data folder, if it asks to replace anything, click yes, and make sure you have Patch 1.04 installed. 
And put the music folder in C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\SWEAW\Gamedata\Data\Audio folder.  

Delete the XML folder. 

[Known bugs]
Eta's and B-wings ion shots dont fire for some reason.
Some ships have to turn around to shoot. 
The icons may....get messed up for no reason, have no clue what does this.
some of the new infantry squads may not stay in their select boxes.

Thanks to Avenger85 for the TIE/d's, TIE Defender, Strike Cruiser, Bayonet cruiser, Mediator, and NRSD models. 
Thanks to EvilleJedi for the warlords models. 
Thanks to Bluelobster for the new planets. 
Thanks to ArucarD for converting the new models. 
Thanks to Avenger85,ArucarD, and The_Sith_Lord for the new icons.
Thanks to Josh_HLB for the Realistic Rescale mod. 
Thanks to Bailknight for the SSD, TIE Interceptor, B-wings and MC80-B.
Thanks to Legacy of War for the SSD shiplights.
Thanks to LA for the ep.3 music.
Thanks to keeper_Of_Faith for the Arc170, CC770, ETA-2 Interceptor, Battle Droid, super battle droid, and droideka models.
Thanks to the Steiner moding team for the dreadnought, nebulon B2, E-wing, and Quasar carrier models. 
Thanks to Sonic0 for the codes for the dreadnaught, nebulon B2, E-wing, and easter egg model.
And thanks to my Beta testers.

you MUST have my permission to use anything from my mod in another mod! 

You can contact me at swfan6543 AT yahoo DOT com

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