Absolute Enhancement Mod



This mod is For Empire At War (NOT Forces of Corruption) AEM changes many of the gameplay features of the game along with many other aspects such as: over 72 planets added, many more space units, land units, more hero characters and most ships now have fighter complements and all ships have been revised. Commanders play a large role with bonuses now, so killing them is a priority. Make sure you read the planet details since it will tell you what you can build and where. All units are clearly defined as to their ability in reference to a similar craft so you know how good or bad it is.



Absolute Enhancment Mod 5.1

For regular EAW (NOT FOC)

* Table of contents
	1.  New additions and units
	2.  Gameplay changes
	3.  Map changes
	4.  installation
	5.  Thanks.

Welcome to version 5.1, There have been many additions including: over 72 planets added, many space units and land units.  also more hero characters and most ships now have fighter complements and all ships have been revised.  Commanders play a large role with bonuses now, so killing them is a priority.  Make sure you read the planet details since it will tell you what you can build and where.  All units are clearly defined as to their ability in reference to a similar craft so you know how good or bad it is.  No matter what you build It will all fit in the build tray at the bottom of the screen, so dont worry, have fun :)

	New additions, changes and fixes in 5.1:

-  Lucrehulk battleship
-  all fighter and bomber complements for ships have been reduced for better game play
-  atst MkII and AtAT MkII build time shorter
-  T3B-s and T4B-s build time shorter
-  fixed bug in MC 40 where it took up 3 population points, it has been lowered to 2.
-  further tweaked AI.
-  Fixed various typos

	New additions, changes and fixes in 4.5:

-  Full support for skirmish mode on land and in space.
-  Resized Droideka's to be smaller in size
-  Col. Veers combat bonus now works properly.
-  T4B-s and AT-AT MkII now recieve the same planetary bonuses as the regular at-at and T4b's.
-  Fixed MC-40 hyperspace speed was too slow
-  extended Range of artillery units
-  Raise pop points generated by lvl 5 station by 2
-  Made Imperial Ai slightly more aggressive.
-  Removed Dauntless and Red imperial guards from Imperial build options on Sullust and Coruscant.
-  Improved garrison for officer accademies and can now build without barracks.

* 1.  NEW UNITS 

-  All ships have been scaled accurately per canon as much possible including fighters which are now smaller and space Tactical population has been increased.

New ships and fighters:

-  Executor SSD with Battlegroup

-  MC104 Battlecruiser with Battlegroup

-  Lucrehulk Battleship

-  Corellian Battlecruiser

-  Praetor Battlecruiser (imperial only)

-  Mediator Heavy Cruiser

-  Allegiance class

-  Dominator Interdictor/Destroyer (imperial only)

-  Corellian Destroyer

-  Republic Destroyer

-  Imperial star destroyer MK.2

-  MC90 Cruiser

-  Recusant

-  Providence

-  MC80 type 1 Cruiser

-  MC80 type 2 Cruiser

-  Interceptor IV Frigate

-  IPV system patrol craft

-  Dauntless Cruiser (Rebel Alliance)

-  Geonoshian Cruiser

-  Victory II Destroyer

-  Corellian Frigate

-  Munificient

-  CC-7700 Rebel interdictor cruiser

-  MC40 Light Cruiser

-  Venator cruiser

-  Assault Frigate MK.1

-  Carrack

-  Nebulon B frigate (Empire)

-  Nebulon B-2 frigate

-  Lancer frigate 

-  Imperial strike cruiser

-  Escort Carrier (TIE) (Empire only)

-  Escort Carrier (TIE Int.) (Empire only)

-  Quasar Fire Class Carrier

-  Improved correllian Gunboat

-  Droid Tri Fighters

-  V-wing Fighter

-  Vulture Droid Fighter

-  Naboo Fighter

-  Clawcraft

-  Cloakshape fighter

-  R-41 star chaser

-  Scimitar bomber

-  Eta-2 fighter 

-  T-wing fighter

-  Virago/starviper

-  E-wing fighter

-  Arc-170 bomber

-  B-wing bomber

-  K-wing bomber

-  Tie advanced fighter

-  Tie Defender fighter

-  Missleboat bomber

-  Gunboat bomber

-  Bothan Spies

New Land Units:

-  Jedi Knight

-  Sith Lord

-  B-1 Battledroids

-  B-2 Battledroids

-  B-3 Battledroids

-  AAT Tank Company

-  Droideka's

-  L.A.A.T



-  T4B-S

-  T3B-S

-  TIE Avenger ground

-  TIE Int. Ground

-  X-wing ground Fighter

-  Nantex Ground Fighter

-  Tie fighter G/T ground fighter

-  T3-B tank

-  Anti Air AAC-1

-  AT-AP walker

-  Air skiff

-  Swamp speeder

-  Spec Force Company

-  Shock Trooper Company

-  EWEB Troopers

-  Imperial Elite Guard

New Hero Companies:

-  Guri Female assassin

-  Princess Leia

-  Kyle Katarn

-  Mara Jade

New Buildings:

-  Medium Factory 

-  Financial Center

-  Sith Temple

-  Jedi Accademy

-  Droid Works

-  Fighter Facility

-  Advanced weapons Facility

	2-a.  Important Gameplay changes:

-  Raised population cap to 33 for fleet battles and maxed out the landing zone you start with on all maps to 10.

-  Fleet commanders now provide a 50% sight bonus, 25% attack and defense bonus, and 10% speed bonus, now flag ships are important targets :)

-  Field commanders now provide a 50% sight bonus and 25% attack and defense bonus, youll need this to be able to spot the new improved turbo laser towers before you get in their firing range.

-  Most Named hero units have either field or fleet commander bonus and some build reduction bonus, read heros descriptions in game. example: obi wan has field commander bonus, colonel veers has field commander bonus, and akbar has build cost reduction and fleet commander bonus, and many more heros have bonuses.

-  Click on planet info button after you zoom in on planet for special build abilities.  it's a blue bar on the right side of the screen and the build abilities are at the end of the planet description.

-  swamp speeder and scout bikes can capture reinforcement points and build pads.

-  At-St is now a tech level 2 build, the Rebel counter part at tech level 2 is the T-3B.  They both stomp the crap out of T-2B's and 2-M hover tanks which are both now level 1 vehicles which are meant to be anti infantry and have high mobility.

-  Much more effective land based turbo laser towers, and placement.  You will need artillery, fighters or destroy the generator to deal with them, they are formidable and worth building :)

-  Over 70 maps added

-  New improved garisons for structures (read building descriptions)

-  Read all unit descriptions in game!!! Many of the heros and units have added abilities listed when you click on them or let your curser hover over their symbol.

* 	2-b.  Other Gameplay changes

-  units available for ground battles has been rebalanced very slightly, imperials now get the 2-m tank, tie mauler and at-ap first at tech lvl 1, then at tech lvl 2 get the at-st which is more of a match for the T-3b.  (read the new tech tree down below)

-  Power to weapons slows units speed down but does not drain shields, duration of power to weapons has been shortened in time as not to be over powered, power to shields is most units counter to power to weapons.

-  Space stations are much tougher, they are in fact now strongholds in space.

-  Ground fighters now can repair at repair stations

-  T4Bs now come in a pair of tanks but are much more powerfull and have greater range

-  some companies such as at-aa, tie fighter g/t now come in companies of 4 instead of 3.

-  read the descriptions of the units, there are valuable clues buried in the descriptions.

-  Made it possible for scout bikes and swamp speeder to capture buildpads and reinforcement points, this adds a fast break option at the start of the land battle.

-  read the abilities and bonuses granted by the emperor, mon mothma, admiral akbar, moff tarkin, colonel veers and space commanders and field commander, they have changed for the better they give 25 percent offense and defense bonus in space or on ground depending on the hero.  field commanders and fleet commander grant a sight range bonus that is incredibly valuable against stumbling on turbo laser towers, you want to be able to spot them before your in range or large fleets of ships when in space... use them.

-  corvette class ships are now deadly to fighters and bombers, correllian corvettes, correllian gunboats, tartan cruisers and lancer frigates are devastating to fighters.

-  y wings, b wings, k wings, gunboats and missle boats all have ion attack abilities.

-  at-ap available at tech level 1, at-st is now improved and available at tech level 2 with a heavy factory.  The at-st is more powerfull than before but very balanced considering the new units and changes, its equivalent to the T3-B.

* 3.Map Changes

-  More than 70 maps added

Space maps:
I redid every space map to be about 50% larger and moved much of the space debris to allow for better combat, added some build pads in space, and raised the space pop cap to 33, any higher than that and it would upset the flow of the game, its been tested.

Land maps:
Land maps have all been redone PROPERLY!!!  When you invade you now get 10 reinforcement points at the start and more reinforcement points will allow you to land closer to your advancing army, all the build pads have been moved to better locations such as tactical choke points, as well as the turbo laser towers.  speaking of turbo laser towers, they are much stronger than before and are very well placed on the map, definitly worth the 3000 credits, to take them out i suggest artillery units or airstrikes.


1.  unzip the contents of the mod folder into your "C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at WarGameDataMods folder.  when you are done it should look like this:
"C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Empire at WarGameDataModsAEM5.1

2.  You can either use a mod launcher to launch the mod or if you have problems with the mod launcher there is a button in the folder that says double click to play AEM5.1, Double click that and you can still play without mod launcher.  Thats it, your ready to play :)

This method works only if your game is installed in the default directory, the alternative method below is still easy but a little more complicated.

-  Known issues:  there are some ships that will only show up as engine glows if your video settings are too low, to fix this, raise your settings one step at a time until you see them in game.

To uninstall:

If you did the easy install:
Just delete the mod called AEM5.1, thats it :)

* 5.  Very Special thanks

steiner group: for permission to use the following models:  Mc90, strike cruiser, lancer frigate, assault frigate 2, cc-7700 intertictor, tie defender, tie advanced, tie interceptor, gunboat, missleboat, b-wing, e-wing, k-wing, T-wing and many more miscilaneous things down to TGA Icons.  The Steiner group, I cant thank you enough...

Evillejedi:  for permission to use the following models: allegiance star destroyer, mediator cruiser, nebulon b2 frigate. t3b medium tank, all cruiser and frigate class ships.

[email protected] / Evillejedi once again for all the models

LOW for all the tech help from your former members, thanks for the help

and also EAW@filefront members for the help in the forums and testing.

if you have any comments or suggestions pls feel free to leave them in the comments page of the mod, if there is a bug let me know, I will fix it asap and release a new version.  Feel free to use this mod as part of your own just give credit where credit is due.

thank you,


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