AcE Custom Addons Modification

This is a mod that tweaks the game and is an updated version of V0.01



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This is a mod that tweaks the game and is an updated version of V0.01


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/////////////////// AcE Custom Addons Modification v0.2 /////////////////
///////////////////////// Submitted: May 6, 2006 ////////////////////////
////////////////////// By: Darren Aka: [)4rK-Pri3sT /////////////////////
////////////////////////// FF Membername: ace314 ////////////////////////
////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////

This modification adds a few more units just for variety, quite a few changes 
to the rest of the units, and other modifications to the gameplay. 
I tired to make sure the mod has a very finished feel to it so that it would
appear as though all the extra content and changes were in the original retail game.

Importaint: I have not had alot of time to do any wide scale bug testing but if
any problems do arise, just comment any problems and i will fix them and re-release
at the nearest possilble time. The mod should be stable for story modeand galactic conquest. 
Unfortunanly, so far I have not done much compatability testing with skirmish/multiplayer, 
so this mod is mostly just for singleplayer and galactic conquest right now. 
Reguarless I hope you enjoy it.

Note: I was going to add a version of the mod files with reduced prices for units but it
became too much of a hassle, if you still want the costs of stuff reduced your going to
have to get help on the forums.

== The main v0.2 additions and changes:

- Skirmish mode compatabilities have been added.

- Added two new buildable ground structures. The Gravity Generator for the Empire,
and the Grand Arena the the Rebellion.

- Added the Orbital Jamming Station to the Rebellion to give them balance with the Gravity Well Station.

- Increased the population cap by 100%, have increased population value of space units by 100%,
and have increased the space battle population cap for both sides by 100%. This change has been made
to allow the rebellion to have more fighters in space battles.

- Fixed an major bug with the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer.

- Fixed an issue with Imperial space stations.

- Adjusted the number of fighter squadrons spawned at a time from Imperial ships.

- Gave several starfighter units the Hunt for Enemies ability.

- Numerous balance tweeks and bug fixes.

== The main v0.1 additions and changes:

- The Venator Star Destroyer has been given to the Rebellion and the hard points have 
all been replaced with new ones.

- The Cantina has been made much more Valuable and useful. It allows the building
of new units, including StarVipers, Repair Freighters, Pod walkers, and Swamp Speeders.

- Much more precise spaceship, ground vehicle, and infantry scaling 
based on Star Wars canon.

- Now spacecraft, ground units, turrets, and upgrades are now much more expensive.

- Most spacecraft hardpoints have more health anywhere from 10% to 150%.

- Many smaller ships (corvettes and fighters) have had major overhauls with reguard to hardpoints.

- Population capacity has been increased significantly.

- Tactical View is now more free and can zoom in closer and zoom out farther
for better a better view of the battle.

- Ships have been given correct nomeclature (names) based on Star Wars canon.

- Extra Heroes have been added to the story mode campaign and to some of the galactic conqests

- Transports can now give temporary but effective fire support when dropping off units in a land battle.

- Imperial frigates and capital ships now have larger fighter complaments


== A little shout out: This mod was at first just my little custom take on SW: EAW but recently I thought
these modifications might just be somthing a few other EAW fans might be interested in. Alot of what is in this
modification comes from inspiration from alot of the other mod authors and creators (too many too to even menton),
and I just want to thank all of you for the first hand work you all put forth, and in return
feel free to use any of my ideas or modification matierial for any future mods you create.

Note: Not all the files contained in this mod are edited by me, so it makes it kinda difficult to
tell which ones are modded (some are not). When I started the mod I just extracted all the control files
and started working on them. For any one having a hard time trying to locate any particluar piece of data,
for right now all I can say is sorry and good luck, heh.


== Installation: 

- If you want the version with the modded higher prices then just install the Xml folder
which is with the other game files.
- If you want the version with default smaller unit costs then install the Xml file inside
the folder named 'Defualt Prices Version'.


== Know Issues/Bugs:

- Because the view can now be rotated below 0 degrees vertically the BattleCam is disabled after you toggle
the view rotate option (in space mode it can be renabled if you use the "Reset Camera" command), the Unit Preview
still works though. I don't have a clue as how to fix this problem, it may not be fixable with out some hard coding
in the exacutable; which I would have no clue as how to go about doing.


== More detailed list of changes and additions for v0.2 the current version:

--> I have finally applied the mod changes and additions to skirmish mode (There wasn't too much that needed be done amazingly).
But I haven’t done much balance testing in regard to the factions and unit strength. I thought I would leave the critique up
to the community, just yell at me if their are any major imbalances and I will fix them, and re-release the mod as soon as possible.

- The starting credits max has been upped to 30000 and the default set amount is now 10000.
- The skirmish land battle population cap has been increased from 9 to 12.
- StarVipers: can be built when you control a Merchant Supply Dock.
- Barloz-Class Repair Freighters: Can be built when you control a Merchant Supply Dock.
- Rebel Venator SDs: can be built with a level 4 station.
- You can now purchase Kyle Katarn, or Mara Jade for space battles. Both require a level 2 station.

--> Increased the population capacity by 100% (planets base pop cap is know 20 or 30 and all space stations pop caps are doubled).
Increased the population value of all space units by 100% except fighters. Increased the space battle population capacity by 100%.
I did this so that the rebellion can pack more fighters into a space battle; this also makes ground units less taxing on your pop cap.

--> Added a ground fire support hardpoint for Millenium Falcon. Originaly I just had the space turrets unrestricted to fire on
ground units but now the Falcon has a legitimate ground hardpoint.

--> Added Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade to all the Galactic Conquest senarios. They will appear at any tech level, I don't know
how to add them with tech level restrictions yet but when I can, I Will.

--> Added the Gravity Generator to the Empire; it can be constructed with tech level 3 and requires a Heavy Vehicle Factory.
The gravity generator prevents repulsor-lift vehicles from being used in ground battles essentially the T2B Tank and the
T47 Air Speeder.

--> Added the Grand Arena to the Rebellion; it can be built with tech level 3 and requires a Mining Facility. The Grand Arena
boosts a planets base income by random amounts through increased gambling activity, but sometimes you can loose credits off
your base income on planets where the Grand Arena is built.

--> Added the Orbital Jamming Station to the Rebellion. The Jamming Station can be built with a level 2 station; it decreases
the sight range of all enemy units by 50%. I thought this would be a fair addition to the rebellion since the Empire has the
Gravity Well Station.

--> Dropped the tactical health of the Barloz Repair Freighter, and decreased the repair rate
just a little bit for balance. The tactical health is now 525 (originaly 600),
the repair rate is now 2.0 seconds (originaly 1.5). I think this unit might need some
more blancing tweeks so that people won't just send masses of Barloz at an enemy base and not loose
one of them due to the constant repairs, for now I can't think of any tweeks but I will keep testing.

--> Grand Moff Tarkin's 25% cost reduction bonus now includes Hypervelocity Guns and Magnepulse Cannons,
as well as Research Facilities and Officer Academies which are already included. I figured it was only right
considering that Tarkin was deeply involved in Imperial technological research.

--> The cost of the Assualt Frigate has been fixed it was 5400 (way too expensive). Originaly I ment it to cost
4500 but now it think that is still a bit too expensive so now it costs just 4000.

--> The costs of space stations have been changed a bit. Lvl 1: 1000, Lvl 2: 2000, Lvl 3: 3500, Lvl 4: 5000, Lvl 5: 7000.

--> Increased the cost of the Rebel Venator SD, from 4200 to 4600. I did this because it has a major advantage over
the Assualt Frigate because of the Proton Torpedo launchers.

--> Increased the shield points of the Victory SD to match up with the Venator SD, from 800 to 1000.

--> Increased the shield points of the Acclamator Frigate from 600 to 650.

--> Increased the number of fighter squadrons spawned at a time from the Acclamator Frigate, Victory SD, and Imperial SD.
The Acclamator now spawns 2 TIE Fighter/1 TIE Bomber squadrons, the Victory spawns 3 TIE Fighter/2 TIE Bomber Squadrons,
and the Imperial SD now spawns 3 TIE fighter/3 TIE Bomber squadrons.

--> Increased the tactical health of the Gravity Well Station from 800 to 1500, the Orbital Long Rang Scanner from 1200 to 2000,
and the Orbital Jamming Station from 800 to 1500.

--> Gave the X-Wings, A-Wings, Slave I, Moldy Crow, Mara Jade's StarViper, and Millennium Falcon all the Hunt for Enemies ability.

--> Gave the T2-B Tank the Power to Shields ability. Gave the M1 Tank the Hunt for Enemies Ability.
Gave the AT-AP (Pod Walker) the Power to Weapons Ability. Unfortunantly the visual effects that show up when
using the abilites don't work, this is a model relatied issue that is beyond my ability to fix.

--> Gave the 74-Z Scout Bike light deflector shields to give them more longevity in battle and make them more useful.

--> Gave the Slave I a pair of full sized Proton Torpedo launchers. This was based off of techincal specs about the Slave I

--> Fixed a manuverability issue with the StarViper. The Viper could not move vertically so it could not manuver
around ships and space stations very well. Now the Viper will fly like a normal fighter.

--> Fixed a MAJORLY idiotic bug I made while doing early testing and never fixed. The Imperial-Class Star Destroyer's
affiliation was set for the Rebellion which means essentially the ISD belonged to the Rebels and not the Empire.
I'm surprised no one had commented about it.

--> Fixed an issue where Imperial space stations had the default price amounts, now they have the correct costs. 

--> Made numerous other minor changes, bug fixes, and other tweeks. (ex: fixed a bug where the Corellian Gunship would have
unlimited speed boost, this was a issue not fixed by the 1.03 game patch)


== More detailed list of changes and additions for v0.1:

--> Added the StarViper-Class Heavy Assault Starfighter. This fighter comes in squadrons of 4
and have a hefty price tag but are well worth it. They can be built with tech level 2,
a level 3 space station, and require a planet where a Cantina has been constructed.

--> Added the Venator-Class Star Destroyer. This Aging Star Destroyer has been slavaged by the Rebellion
and has been upgraded with pairs of Laser Cannons, Turbolasers, Proton Torpedo launchers,
and stronger shielding in order to give it that punch needed to take down Acclamators and Victories.

--> Added Basic Venator Star Destroyer to Black Sun Pirates to give them a bit more ship variety. This
is the basic Venator with 2 Laser Cannons, 2 Concission Missile launchers, and 2 Ion Cannons.

--> Added the Barloz-Class Corellian Freighter. This Freighter has been modified to fill the much needed role
as a light repair vessel. The Modified Freighter Can repair fighters, transports, and corvettes
near its location, it is also armed with a few laser turrets to defend itself from fighters. They can be
built with tech level 1, a level 2 space station, and require a planet where a Cantina has been constructed.

--> Added Buildable AT-AP Pod Walkers. The pod Walkers have been modifiled with better accuracy for hitting infantry.
and can now be built on a planet with a Light Vehicle Factory and a Cantina.

--> Added Buildable ISP Swamp Speeders. The swamp speeder has been given a small health boost and light shielding.
They can be built on a planet with a Light Vehicle Factory and a Cantina.

--> Ships, Vehicles, and Starbases have been scaled to more technically correct sizes based on 
Star Wars canonical lore. But I have tried to maintain a level of scale so that the smaller units
are still selectable. not all the units are to precise scale (ex: Barloz-Class Freighter is really 
only about 40m in length which would make it difficult to select manually so it's a bit larger)
I have tried to create a mix that is both functional and interesting at the same time, hope ya like it.

- Note: here is a list of real ship lengths for comparison.
Corellian Corvette: 150m
Nebulon B Frigate: 300m
Assault MKII Frigate: 700m
Calamari Cruiser: 1200m
Acclamator Frigate: 750m
Victory Star Destroyer: 900m
Imperial Star Destroyer: 1600m

--> Price increases for just about anything that can be purchased in the game. I dont know about yall but
I felt that the units in the game were too inexpensive because I would never find myself running out
of credits, so I wanted to make the game a bit more interesting and challenging.
(ex: the acclamators usually only cost 2000 but now they cost 4200 credits; Dimond Boron Missile 
corvettes now cost 2400 and 2600 credits Rebel/Empire respectively)

--> The two Missile corvettes have been diversified a bit. The Broadside Cruiser Is now bigger, stronger,
and more expensive. The Marauder Corvette is now smaller, faster, and less expensive than the Broadside.

--> Hardpoints on most of the larger ships have been strenghtened.
Nebulon B Frigate: 260->300
Assault Frigate: 350->400
Calamari Cruiser: 420->500
Acclamator Frigate: 140->300
Victory Star Destroyer: 1000->1100
Interdictor Frigate: 50->225
Imperial Star Destroyer: 330->400

--> The fighter complaments of the Acclamator Frigate, Victory Star Destoryer, and Imperial Star Destoryer
have been increased. I wanted to balance out the increase in fire power of rebel starfighters by giving the
Empire more fighters.
Acclamator Frigate: 1 TIE Fighter/1 TIE Bomber Squadrons deployed; 7 TIE Fighter/3 TIE Bomber Squadrons in Reserve.
Victory SD: 2 TIE Fighter/1 TIE Bomber Squadrons deployed; 10 TIE Fighter/5 TIE Bomber Squadrons in Reserve.
Imperial SD: 2 TIE Fighter/2 TIE Bomber Squadrons deployed; 14 TIE Fighter/6 TIE Bomber Squadrons in Reserve.
Acclamator Frig: (8 Fighters/4 Bombers)
Victory SD: (12 Fighters/6 Bombers)
Imperial SD: (16 Fighters/8 Bombers)

--> Numerous Smaller ships have been given hardpoint upgrades.
X-Wing: Has been given a pair of Proton Torpedo launchers which are much weaker than regular torpedoes, 
can not pass through shields, are much faster, and can target just about any space unit.

- y-Wing: Has been given a Ion Cannon which can fire 360 degrees in horizontal rotation.

- A-Wing: Has been given a pair of Concussion Missile launchers which are much weaker than regular missiles, 
can not pass through shields, are much faster, and can target just about any space unit. The A-Wing has also
been given laser cannons that can rotate 360 degrees verticaly.

- Corellian Corvette: All the hard points have been reworked to proper capabilities. The corvette now has two dual
laser turrets that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, and the broadside lasers can fire in 160 degree arcs horizontally.

- Pirate Fighter: Has been given a single Concussion Missile launcher, the missiles are the same as
the ones fired by the A-Wing.

- Millennium Falcon: Has been given a pair of full sized Concussion Missile launchers, And i have made the
laser turret on the falcon into hardpoints and have split them in to two turrets which fire 4 shots in a burst
and can each target diffrent units at once. 
(originaly the game had it set up so that the falcon only had one cannon that fired 8 shots)

- Moldy Crow (Kyle Katarn's Ship): Now has 4 sets of dual forward fixed laser cannons, and a heavy Laser cannon
turret which can fire 360 degrees horizontaly. (you can hear the diffrence in weapons firing 
when he has just made a strafing pass on a target)

- The Transports: Transport units have all gotten upgrades in firepower with added hardpoints. 
The more common transports(the Gallofree, Sentinel, and AT-AT Barge Transports) have 3 laser turrets 
which can fire on independent targets. The hero transports (Lambda and Alliance Shuttles) 
have 2 smaller laser turrets with smaller rotation ranges.

--> Transport Units can now give fire support while linging troops. I thought this was a given (you don't go
flying into a hot LZ while the enemy can just knock on you like a Piñata while you are jumping out the door)
so i decided to add hardpoints to the all the transports which allow them to pave the way for your forces, the
lasers will kill infantry in one or two shots, and destroy light vehicles very quickly, the lasers also
have a pretty impressive range, this should make you think twice before rushing the enemy reinforcement points,
and yes the Millenium Falcon will also lay down cover fire while you hop into battle.

--> New heros have been added to the Story mode camaign and some of the galatic conquests.

- Kyle Katarn (Rebellion): He flies the moldy crow now (unfortunantly i can't get it to drop Kyle into 
land battles which is ashame considering its use from Dark Forces)

- Obiwan Kenobi (Rebellion): I know, I know, your asking what the crap is he doing in the story mode
(while the whole EAW story is going on, Obiwan is off training luke and getting killed at the hands of vader)
I just thought he would be a good helping hand for the Rebellion in land battles. I didn't give him a special ship,
because, well he's an old gezer and porbably can't fly well on top of that Obiwan has made it quite clear in the
movies he doesn't like flying any way. (if having him in story mode is a real pieve for most of you then just just
drop a comment line and i can easily take him out).

- Grand Moff Tarkin (Empire): I thought he was a much needed addition to the story mode considering his major
involvment in the story, i also made it so that he decreases the cost of Officer Academies at his current locaton.

- Mara Jade (Empire): I added her in to blance the scales with Katarn, i havent realy changed her much because
she is already an awsome ground unit. I couldn't find a suitable transport in the game content that would work as
a SW canon correct ship so i just gave her a suped up StarViper.

--> All of the starfighters manuverability attrabutes have been tweaked so that they don't look so much like robots,
In my opinion they manuver alot like they do in the movies now.

--> Population Capacity has been modified. I increased the Pop Worth of every planet to at least 10 and added
an additional 5 points to heavaly populated planets like Coruscant, Corellia, Fondor, Bondan, Sullust,
and Mon Calamari. I beefed up the pop points added for each space station level 
(Lvl 1: 10, Lvl2: 14, Lvl3: 16; Lvl4: 18, Lvl5: 20). Also I also added 5 points ontop of the space battle
population cap for each side (25 Empire / 30 Rebellion).

--> Nomenclature for Ships and Vehicles. I changed the names of most of their actual titles. This along with
the more percise unit scaling adds to the authentisity of the game.

--> The basic infantry now have a bit more punch in fire power, i made the hand blasters projectile
twice as powerful 2->4 damage, also the elite ground commander guards weapon are alot more powerful as well.

--> Field commanders now have a complament of 7 guards insted of 4, the commander and the guards also have 
been given a health boost.

--> Officer Academies now garrison one field commander at a time durring land battles.

--> Increased the squad numbers for some of the infantry platoons. Rebel infantry now have 4 squads of 5 soldiers,
Imperial stormtrooper platoons now have 3 squads of 9 troopers, Imperial Scout bike squads now have 4 bikes per squad.

--> All infantry and civilians have been given small health increases.

--> Emperor Palpatine now has an escort of 4 Imperial Red Guards when participating in land battles.

--> All lightsaber damage has been increased just a little bit.

--> Hans Solo And Chewbacca now have more powerful weapons. Han Solo can now drop any single infantry unit with one shot, 
(I thought this was very necessary considering I have never seen Han take more than one shot to kill a stormtrooper
the DL-44 he carries is know famously for consistently perforating stormtrooper armor) Chewie can also kill most infantry 
in one shot, his crossbow has a faster rate of fire to compensate for less power.

--> Space stations have been upgraded so you can at least put more hurt on the enemy before they take out your station.
Stations now have tougher hardpoints all around, more shield points, and now included with every station Lvl 3
and above is a new upgrade. More Garrison Units, when you fully research this upgrade you will get additonal units ontop
of your stations free garrision units.
Extra Rebellion Garrison: 2 X-Wing, 1 Y-Wing squadrons, and a Corellian Corvette
Extra Imperial Garrison: 3 TIE Fighter, 1 TIE Bomber Squadrons, and a Tartan Cruiser

--> Tactical view has been enhanced. I thought this would be a good idea considering that the ships rescaled, I made it so that
you can zoom in closer and zoom out farther to get a better view of what you want. The view angle in space can now go
allmost entierly vertical and also 18 degrees below to get a better view under the ships. You can better appriciate these changes
if you know how use the freestyle rotate option (you can enable it in the mouse settings screen) I'm sure most people know
how to do this but I just wanted to be sure.

--> Hyperspace speeds have been reduced to allow for more variety of tactics. I like it because it gives me the time to
send multiple fleets to different planets all at once over whelming the enemy, also you can launch a fast counter attack
with masses of smaller ships. The fighters can still go the fastest (0.9 Hyperspace speed multiplier), then corvettes
(0.7 Hyperspace speed multiplier), then frigates (0.5 Hyperspace speed multiplier), and finally capital ships 
(0.4 Hyperspace speed multiplier). The hero units have also been customized as well they are generaly faster, and the
trade route speed multiplier has also been changed so that the bonus isn't so high.

--> Darth Vader's TIE Squadron is now composed entirely of TIE Advanced fighters with comparable capabilities to Vader’s Fighter.
All of them have shields, powerful lasers, and comparable maneuverability.

--> Starfighter formations have been editied a little bit. (ex: The TIE Bombers now fly in a diamond formantion)

--> Theres a number of other small modifications I have made that I either forgot about, or are just too small to mention 
(especaily in the MasterTextFile), but they are there.


== Author Notes & Thoughts, PLEASE READ THEM AND GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK so I can make the mod the way you want it;
these are some ideas I’m leaving out on the table for possible future versions.

Note 1: I don't like to have units that look like they have been "added as a mod", I like a mod to add original content
so that’s why I am not adding units or structures that have models used by other units and since I have added just about
all the unsed content this gets kind of difficult, like I said, I want this mod to appear as though it were the default
retail game re-released. But that’s just my opinion and if yall want me to sacrifice this attribute for adding new units
then just say so; this mod is for the community after all.

Note 2: I've noticed that a big trend in alot of mods is to add fighter hangar bays and squadron complements to rebel frigates
and capital ships. In my opinion I think this not a good idea; it makes the Rebellion and Empire less diversified
and takes away strategic value from the game. Having the fighters set up the way they are is representative of the combat styles
of either side (The Rebellion relies on fast interception to overwhelm the enemy quickly and not let the battle drag on taking losses
therefore they have fighters that are already deployed. The Empire prefers to mass in formation first and then attack with a
massive first wave crushing the enemy in one swift stroke). Anyway If you guys want some of the rebel ships to have
fighter complaments then I will incorporate them.

Note 3: Another addition alot of mods are doing is adding land based starfighters to ground battles, I don't think this is a great
idea because land battles would become nothing more than different versions of space battles; because most people would
probably opt for using units that were rather immune to all other ground units. Also fighters usually fly at high speeds
and targeting single units or infantry would be rather difficult during strafing both technically and gameplaywise because
of the wide banking angles. Im not agianst high altitude speeders like the T-47 (snowspeeder) but their are no other ones
in the game to add, what a shame. Again if you guys really want land based fighters in game then just let me know and I’ll
put them in some way or another.

Note 4: If your wondering why I haven't added the Nimbus-Class V-wing Fighter, it is mostly because the V-wing is
an old and obsolete fighter, also it is not equiped with hyperdrive so this kind of limits its uses. But if you guys really
want it in the game then just let me know and I will think of something creative and put it in.

Note 5: I noticed General Dodonna, (The guy from Ep IV: A New Hope, giving the briefing  about the Death Star before
the Battle of Yavin) was in the game code but adding him to the Rebellion could unbalance the game (the Rebellion could have
too many heroes) so I haven't added him to the game. But if yall want him then just hollar at me and he'll be in like flint.


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