Awakening of the Rebellion 2.05 English

Our first Full English Text Release of Awakening of the Rebellion.

AotR 2.0 is not needed, its included in 2.05.

Features in 2.05...


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Our first Full English Text Release of Awakening of the Rebellion.

AotR 2.0 is not needed, its included in 2.05.

Features in 2.05

-improved Tech system, global tech tiers for advanced ships in the shipyards -countless story events and -elements. -Diplomatie Optionen für die Allianz. -completely revised balancing in space- and land battles -New particle effects. -New ground- and space maps. -revised AI. -New planets. -New videos -New heroes -New and revised units and starbases

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Download 'aotr205full.rar' (852.49MB)

Awakening of the Rebellion 2.05

1.0  Installation

Content of the RaR Archive:
-SMG Launcher.exe
-SMG Launcher64x.exe (Vista 64bit)

Required to play the Mod:
-StarWars: Empire at War- Forces of Corruption 1.1
-NET Framework 2.0 and DirectX9.0c from the  FoC CD/DVD 
 (Necessary if you want to use the included Mod Launcher)

When you start up the Setup, a window appears in which you are asked to name the directory in which you want to install the Mod. Please take the “Mod” directory included in the Forces of Corruption main directory. For example:
„C: Star Wars Empire at War Forces of CorruptionMods“

The setup program will then automatically apply the directory called „AotR2.05 on ist own. 

After you indicated the directory, click on „continue“ and wait for the installation to finish. Then click on “complete” 

Awakening of the Rebellion 2.05 now is installed on your computer.

To start Awakening of the Rebellion 2.05, you can use the included Mod Launcher or make a Batch data on your own. How to create a Batch data is explained in the also included “SMGHelper.chm”
We wish you good luck and a lot of fun with Awakening of the Rebellion 2.05

-The Multiplayer is not tested! It may be unstable!
We work at that Problem

1.1 First steps

Galactic Empire

When you decide  to take up arms fort he Empire, you should first concentrate on building up infrastructure and also, most importantly, defend your deep space intersections. As long as you hold these, enemy forces will have a hard time infiltrating your territory. Also, you always should have plenty of agents in reserve to fight corruption and sympathizers alike. The build up of an extensive factory- and shipyard network on your planets will come to your benefit in the late game.

When you have build up enough units and ships, you should concentrate on expanding towards the capital planets of the Outer Rim sectors. Make sure to wipe enemy resistance out completely, so you can avoid a two fronts conflict. Remember this: The best way to defeat all resistance is to take them sector by sector. Also, keep an eye out for late game events that may grant you bonuses like new heroes or mighty battleships. 

Alliance to restore the Republic / Rebel Alliance

When you decide to take up arms fort he Rebels, two mighty foes await you: The Empire and the Black Sun. While the Empire poses a long term threat, the Black Sun is an immediate rival for the control of the Outer Rim territories. Try to assemble your forces and protect your shipyards at any cost. Isolate the Black Sun before taking their systems, or they will slip through your frontlines eventually. 
The Alliance has one advantage over the Empire: infrastructure is not as important for the flexible rebel fleets as it is for an organized behemoth like the imperial Core Worlds. Most things you will need are available on black markets as well.Also, make good use of commandos and infiltrators in small covert operations to take over enemy planets, rather than launching full scale attacks. These pinpricks will make the enemy crumble over time.
If the enemy decides to attack you with overwhelming force, retreat and give up your planet instead of losing precious ships. The Alliance can retreat in three to four seconds. 
Fighters are strong allrounders, almost all of them utilize proton torpedoes and can exact harsh casualties upon the enemy when used wisely. Build fleets of fighters in the beginning of the game, until you have access to greater ships. 

To gain additional income, construct an espionage center. There, you can recruit rebel sympathizers and infiltrate enemy systems to redirect their income.

1.2  Credits

Our thanks go to Petroglyph, the EAW community and George Lucas.

Special thanks go to other modders, who supported us with their models:

-Bailknight - Bailknight Mod
(Laati, E-Web, AAC, V-Wing)

-Nomada_Firefox - Alliance Mod 2.1
(Seraph, AT-PT)

-Keeper of Faith
(AAT, Kampfdroide, Superkampfdroide)

(Warlords Schiffe)

-Rommel 2k & Frankie

-Sir Rethcir
(Hardpoint Icons)

-Merlin Galgotta

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