Bailknight Graphic Mod

This Mod does a lot of tweaks and makes a lot of changes to the basic gameplay.


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This Mod does a lot of tweaks and makes a lot of changes to the basic gameplay.

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||| Bailknight`s Graphic Mod |||
At first I`m sorry about my english skill.

I know my english is TERRIBLE so don`t tell me about that now.

Made for ver 1.04
This MOD focus on gameplay balance and graphic effect.   
Fully compatible with tutorial and singleplay campaign with no known AI problem.

||| Install   ||| 

Put "bailmod" folder into EAW mods folder ( default path "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Mods")

run with extention MODPATH=Mods\bailmod 
ex) ""C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\sweaw.exe" MODPATH=Mods\bailmod

If you install EAW in default path just use my shortcut icon "EAW-Bailknight Mod"

Uninstall - just delete bailmod folder in your mods folder.


- No cockpit frame in main menu.
- New Background combat in main menu.
- Hyperspace speed reduced greatly.
- Smuggler, Bounty Hunter cost and build time reduced.
- Smuggler never stop siphoning credit until removed by bounty hunter.
- Ground Camera Unlocked.
- New weapon and special ability range display in ground combat.
- Space cap increasd to 30 for empire and 35 for rebel.
- Naboo ground map tweaked. (add some human spawn)

||| Hero  |||


- Light Saber Reflect chance adjusted.
- Damage Absorb chance reduced. 


- Mara Jade useable in galactic conquest mode. 
   Use heavy repeater rifle and sticky bomb. 
   Accompany with 3 Storm Commando.
   Stealth Team.
- Emperor Palpatine accompany with 3 Elite Guard.
- Boba Fett skill cooltime reduced and damage incresed.


- Kyle Kartan useable in galactic conquest mode. 
    Use disrupter rifle and thermal detonator can throw direct to infantries.
    Accompany with 2 Kartan Commando.
- New Jan Dodonna useable in galactic conquest mode. 
     A Fleet Commander capable of detecting enemy weaknesses to deal double damage on single target.
     Can see enemy fleet at nearby planet.



- Turbolaser Tower cost down.
- AA Turret fire anti-air laser instead flak pod.
- Long Range Sensor can reveal nearby enemy`s hyperspace activity.


- Replace Cantina with Imperial Prision
     Reduce all production cost by 20% on placed planet Can build on every non-human native planet.
- Replace Sensor array with Sensor Jammer.
     Jammer can cut enemy`s view range by 3/4 .


- Replace Hutt Palace with Grand Arena
     Modifes the planet`s income rate with gambling profits.
- Communication Array
     Reveal the fog of war for the entire map.
- Comm. Jamming Station
     Cut enemy sight range in half include galactic Long-Range Sensor. 
- Rebel Mining Facillity is less effective then empire`s.


- Command Center garrison more units.

||| Gound Unit  |||


- Every infantry Squads are doubled in number. Cost and build time also doubled.
- Infatry health reduced.
- Plex missile do less damage.
- Ion blaster, Sonic blaster, Disrupter bolt and Projectile cannon can`t be deflected.


- New Storm Commando use heavy repeater rifle with EMP grenade launcher.
- Storm Trooper squad made with 8 storm troopers and 1 leader.
- Scout bike remove drop bomb ability and 4 units in a squad. Can capture Buildpad and Dropzone.
- ATST health reduced and remove barrage ability. Use a concussion grenade launcher. Good against infatry. 
- ATAA fire Guide Flak missile.
- ATAT got barrage ability and use there side mounted 2 medium blaster cannons.
- SPMAT attack range increased.
- 2M Repulsor Tank anti-infantry blaser fire rate incresed.


- New Kartan Commando use disrupter rifle and thermal detonator can throw direct to infantries.
- Rebel Trooper squad made with 4 rebel soilders and 1 rebel commando.
- T2B health reduced.
- T4B attack range incresed.
- MPTL attack range and reload time incresed.
- Speeder have shield.


- Swamp Speeder health reduced
- Pod walker now use 3 diffrent type of weapon. 
    1 blaster cannon for infantry, 1 laser cannon for vehicle and 1 projectile cannon as main gun. 
    Health increased.


- Imperial Elite Guard health and maxspeed incresed
- Genosian health incresed. Can stun infantry unit.
- Jawa can stun vehicle and structure.
- Ewok can stun infanty unit.
- Pyngani Warrior can stun everything. 

||| Space Unit  |||

- Turbolaser and ion cannon can`t shoot fighter. 
- Fighter maneuverability adjusted.
- Frigate and capital ship space station level require incresed.
- Laser satelite damage reduced.
- Missile satelite fire proton torpedo instead concussion missile.
- Space Station damage increased.
- Space station spawn fighters only.


- FIghter shield incresed.
- Z-95 buildable in galactic conquest.
- X-Wing Lock S-poil ability replaced to proton torpedo shot.
- Y-Wing Ion shot damage and stun duration incresed.
- A-Wing fire Anti-fighter concussion missile. 4 wings in a squadron.
- Corellian Corvette laser cannon adjusted with proper fireing arc and position.
    Turbo ability changed to toggle type. Health and shield reduced. Cost reduced.
- Corellian Gunship health and shield reduced. Cost reduced.
- Marauder Corvette fire heavy concussion missile. faster and weaker. 
   Health and shield reduced. Maneuverability incresed.
- Assualt Frigate MK2 cost reduced.
- MonCal Cruiser tubolaser battery adjusted. Cost increased.
- Millenium Falcon damage and health increased.
- Sundered Heart damage increased.
- Home One removed it`s 2 turbolaser batteries to make room for hanger and supply dock.
    Spawn unlimited fighters and repair them in battlefield by using supply dock.
- Planetary Ion Cannon stun duration halved.


- Fighter health reduced.
- TIE Fighter  12wings in a squadron.
- TIE Bomber  6wings in a squadron. Fire single torpedo at once.
- Tartan Cruiser got 2 laser cannon hardpoint. Health and shield increased
- Acclamator damage increased. Cost increased.
- Venator Destroyer buildable at tech 3. Armed with 2turbolaser batteries, 2pronton torpedo launchers, 2laser cannon batteries. 
    Also carries 6 TIE fighter squadrons and 3 TIE bomber squadrons. Can handle most of situation.
- Broadside Crusier fire rate decreased.
- VSD cost increased.
- ISD ion cannon batteries position changed. Cost increased.
- Slave1 Seismic Charge detonation time and cooltime increased.
- Accuser ion cannon batteries position changed. Health and shield increased.


- Interceptor Frigate pronton torpedo launcher tweaked.
- Fighter health increased.

||| Graphic |||

- Scale adjust on everything.
- New Skin - Storm Commando, Kartan Commando, Home One, Accuser, Veer`s ATAT
- New Icon - Jan Dodonna, Storm Commando, Kartan Commando, Venator Cruiser
- Texture correction - ISD, VSD, Assault Frigate MK2, Millenium Falcon
- Engine Glow corretion - Frigate, Captial, Marauder, Broadside
- Muzzle Flash correction - Marauder, 2M Repulsor Tank, Rebel Ground Turbolaser Tower, Y-Wing(Ground)
- Turbolaser and ion cannon model changed.
- Turbolaser and Ion cannon hull impact effect.
- MagnePulse projectile model changed.
- Flak Pod model changed.
- TIE Bomber bombing run bomb model changed.
- Thermal Detonator model changed.
- Proton Torpedo model changed.
- Concussion Missile model changed.
- DB Missile trail changed.
- Genosian Sonic Blaser effect changed.
- Gungan Energy Grenade effect changed.
- Jawa Ion Blaser effect changed.
- Emp Grenade effect added.
- Melee Damage effect added.
- Y-Wing Ion shot detonation effect added.
- Infantry stun effect added.
- Pirate Laser color changed.
- M2 Repulsor Tank Laser color changed.
- Infiltrator Laser color changed.
- Boba Fett Laser color changed.
- Slave1 Laser color changed.
- Fix MonCal Crusier dead engine glow.
- Pod Walker Force Crush death added.
- T4B death explosion changed.

||| Known Bugs   ||| 

- ATAT Barge remain hulk after death.
- Attack range overlay disappear when select too many unit at once.

||| Contact Me   ||| 

bailknight AT hotmail DOT com

DO not reproduce or plug into another without my approval.

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