Battle Droids v0.3

Beware: This is NOT a MOD. These are just the models for the battle droid and the super battle droid, their animation files, textures and th...


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Beware: This is NOT a MOD. These are just the models for the battle droid and the super battle droid, their animation files, textures and their icon graphics. You won't like it if you are not familiar with modding EaW.

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Battle Droids V0.3

cis_bdroid.alo						- the battle droid model						- BD texture file 256x256 MIP Map				- BD gloss texture file 256x256 MIP Map
cis_bdroid_ATTACK_00.ala			- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_ATTACK_01.ala			- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_ATTACKIDLE_00.ala		- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_ATTACKIDLE_01.ala		- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_DIE_00.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_DIE_01.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_IDLE_00.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_MOVE_00.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_MOVE_01.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_TURNL_00.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_TURNR_00.ala				- BD animation file
cis_bdroid_WALKMOVE_00.ala			- BD animation file
cis_sbd.alo							- the super battle droid model							- SBD texture file 256x256 MIP Map					- SBD gloss texture file 256x256 MIP Map
cis_sbd_ATTACK_00.ala				- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_ATTACK_01.ala				- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_ATTACKIDLE_00.ala			- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_ATTACKIDLE_01.ala			- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_DIE_00.ala					- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_DIE_01.ala					- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_IDLE_00.ala					- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_MOVE_00.ala					- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_MOVE_01.ala					- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_TURNL_00.ala				- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_TURNR_00.ala				- SBD animation file
cis_sbd_WALKMOVE_00.ala				- SBD animation file
cis_droideka.alo					- the Droideka model					- Droideka texture file 256x256 MIP Map				- Droideka gloss texture file 256x256 MIP Map
cis_droideka_ATTACK_00.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_ATTACK_01.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_ATTACKIDLE_00.ala		- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_ATTACKIDLE_01.ala		- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_DIE_00.ala				- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_IDLE_00.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_MOVE_00.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_MOVE_01.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_TURNL_00.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_TURNR_00.ala			- Droideka animation file
cis_droideka_WALKMOVE_00.ala		- Droideka animation file
cl_trooper.alo						- Clone Trooper model 1
cl_trooper_snow.alo					- Clone Trooper model 2
cl_trooper_sand.alo					- Clone Trooper model 3						- Clone Trooper 1 texture file 256x256 MIP Map				- Clone Trooper gloss texture file 256x256 MIP Map					- Clone Trooper 2 texture file 256x256 MIP Map					- Clone Trooper 3 texture file 256x256 MIP Map
I_BUTTON_BATTLE_DROID.tga			- BD Icon file with Alpha Map
I_BUTTON_SBD.tga					- SBD Icon file with Alpha Map
I_BUTTON_DROIDEKA.tga				- Droideka Icon file with Alpha Map (just a fast work)
I_BUTTON_CLONE_TROOPER.TGA			- Clone Trooper Icon file with Alpha Map

These models are made from scratch (except the Clone Trooper, see below) and I donate them to the community. 
Feel free to use them in your MOD, but give me credit if you do so. Some minor animation bugs have been fixed 
(SBD dying animation and muzzle flash issues). The Droideka animations work so far, but I'm not fully satisfied 
and continue working on it. Below the Droidekas Projectile_Type-Entry insert these lines to ensure twice firing
during on attack sequence:


The Projectile_Fire_Pulse_Delay_Seconds are not quite exakt. I haven't figured out the exact time delay to synchonize
the animation with firing. Maybe the next day. :) Try to use the Droideka sparingly for their polycount is 876 
(rather high in comparison to the other infantry models).

I have been asked for clone trooper and republic models several times and here is a little workaround for the 
clone trooper. The Clone Trooper ist just a hex edited version of the Storm trooper. The textures are made 
by KARL0000000000 and his mod can be downloaded at;66823.
Use the storm trooper animation files to get them work. Ensure that these lines are inserted into your clone trooper 
prototype in your GroundInfantry.xml:

			Temperate, 			CL_Trooper.alo,
			Urban, 				CL_Trooper.alo,
			Arctic, 			CL_Trooper_Snow.alo,
			Volcanic, 			CL_Trooper_Sand.alo,
			Desert, 			CL_Trooper_Sand.alo,
			Forest, 			CL_Trooper.alo,
			Swamp, 				CL_Trooper.alo

If anyone is interested in the MAX6 Sources of these models (except the clone trooper model for there are hex worked), 
I'm willing to exchange them with working sources of ATT Tank, Hailfire Droid Tanks or Spider Droides 
(MAX6 or 8, textured, skinned and animated).


Stay tuned for more...

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