Battle for the Eclipse

Battle for the Eclipse is amatarasu's first submission to the EAWFiles site and is willing to accept advice or constructive criticism in the...


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Battle for the Eclipse is amatarasu's first submission to the EAWFiles site and is willing to accept advice or constructive criticism in the comment section. This map has star bases at opposite corners of the map allowing for a "safety bubble" to be built around your base. In the center of the map is an Eclipse Super Star Destroyer under construction. It is protected by many turrets and a Level 5 Imperial Space Station. There is also a construction facility created through various props. There are also various pirate bases spread around the map. This map is not recommended for online play due to the large size and large amount of props used.

Overall this is well done map. The author made a good choice of primary and secondary skydomes plus there is some intricate prop placement. My only grievance about this map is the thickness of the asteroids in the one corner. It seems to be a too thick and it reduces the beauty in that area of the map. This is a great map for interesting 2-4 player skirmish games and should be considered for download.

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Battle at the eclipse construction base by: amatarasu

As this is only my first map, any advice or pointers are appreciated. im sorry that I don’t have any screen shots available but I will try to make some ASAP.

Here is a new 4-player skirmish map for you. This map ha two bases on opposing sides with starter mining structures near them. In the middle is the eclipse star destroyer, it is protected by many turrets, a level 5 imperial base, and a cadet training base. Everything is destructible so use your imagination of how u wish to obtain victory. The base north of the eclipse is the training vase and once destroyed any player can capture it and use it as a sensor array. the zahn consortium has taken over the bottom left corner of the map and reactivated old republic ships for their use, if a player wishes to confront the zahn consortium the will need great fire power, the reward for this u ask? is a supplement of mining facilities...6 to be exact and 7 defense satellites, worth a few ships for big cash flow ^^ .  a word of note though , this map has had issues while online and is only recommended for play with those who are well connected to each other, other wise it may take time for everyone to sync and may cause unwanted errors, as I have tested this map, problems have only occurred 20% of the time while online. however this was only due to poor connections, it is recommended however that u set any AI to hard as it gives the player a difficult challenge single player or online! 

And thats it I hope u enjoy 


Open your forces of corruption folder, then data folder then custom maps, and put this map in the folder

That's it! You're ready to use the map battle for the eclipse in your game! I might be coming out with more maps soon, so stay tuned!


This map is not made or supported by Petroglyph

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

If you wish to use this map in any of your mods, please ask me first. Thank you.

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