Battle over Mustafar 2

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Battle over Mustafar 2 is a space skirmish map for Forces of Corruption by Wargtv.

Space maps are all so similar that I can barely tell them apart sometimes. That isn't the case here. Wargtv has put a wide variety of props here, ranging from an Eclipse under construction to the orbital nightcloak from Dantooine. Obviously, this isn't attempting to follow any line of Star Wars canon, but you can still have fun on this map. Fields of nebulae separate the two factions which start out with large fleets. To the sides, asteroid fields dot the playing field. I'm sure many people will be happy playing this map, so if this sounds good to you, check the map out.



This is a map for foc not eaw only foc so enjoy the map.

in this mod the prices of the ships want down and are powerful

        TO Install this

 StarWars empire at war folder/Gamedata/Data/customMaps if you don't have a customMaps folder make one.

"This can be used as long as credit is given"

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