Battle Over the Eclipse Shipyard



Battle Over the Eclipse Shipyard is a space skirmish map for Forces of Corruption by natdom.

This map is built around a scenario: a Rebel assault on the Kuat shipyards where the Eclipse is being built. Judging from screenshots, any player will have some nice, action packed battles on this map. :) Decent propping and space structure placement ensures that you'll have a fun game while admiring the graphics of the game. If you're a big fan of space skirmishes, this is your map :D



Battle for the Eclipse v2.0 
By Natdom

What happens:
Its after the battle of Endor and Palpatine and Vader have been killed.
The Rebels have gone to Kuat to destroy the Tie fighter and Star Destroyer
factorys. But they come across a GIANT Super Star Destroyer The Eclipse...

Copy and Paste the map into your custom maps folder.


1.If your the empire you have to change the win by to Destroy the enemy because 
the rebels have no star base

In v2.0: I have made the shipyard look more like a "Construction yard" for the eclispe
and AdmiralSnackbar pointed out that the ships have "freaking chainguns!"
so I have made it with the 1.1 patch.

You can e-mail me at:
[email protected]

Special Thanks:
ME-for creating this map
Petroglyph- for Creating Star Wars Empire at war 
George Lucas-For creating Star Wars 
EAW Files-For hosting this map

You can use this map in your mod or mappack but 
just give some credit. OK?

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