Best of DarthNerd 2007

This mappack is for FoC.

This mappack contains some of DarthNerd's most popular maps, all updated to be superior to the previously relea...


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File Description

This mappack is for FoC.

This mappack contains some of DarthNerd's most popular maps, all updated to be superior to the previously released versions.

Included Maps:

  • From Starcraft Mappack:
  • Antiga Prime
  • Space Tarsonis From Galactic Battlegrounds Mappack:
  • Alaris Prime
  • Bespin
  • Space Bespin
  • Sarapin
  • Yavin 4 From Strategem Mappack:
  • Strategem 2
  • Strategem GOLD From DarthNerd's Mappack:
  • Rodia
  • Rattattak From Invid Destruction Mappack:
  • Courkrus: Vlarnya And also includes:
  • Kuat: Eclipse Defense


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                     Readme for Best of DarthNerd 2007 Mappack
Here is a collection of maps from my 2007 mappacks that were considered the best by the community. All have been updated, and are superior to the already released versions. 
The Maps: 
Starcraft Mappack: 
1.2 Antiga Prime-
The New Republic, mistaking your preventative measures as sabotage, declare you enemies of the state. On your escape, a cell of the Sons of Korhal recruit you, promising safe passage. They lead a team to the moon of Antiga Prime to exact vengeance on the New Republic. Take Zann and Luke to eliminate the officers and all traces of the base.

1.4 Space Tarsonis-
Surprisingly enough, bel Iblis decides to ally himself with your cell. Take him and his space forces to destroy the New Republic space station over Tarsonis.  

Galactic Battlegrounds Mappack: 
Alaris Prime- 
The Wookie colony is under attack by an Imperial Force of unknown strength. A Rebel cell was near the Kashyyyk system and managed to land after a monster space battle. But be warned: A Consortium expedition force was seen in the immediate area...

Take control of a mining platform with a legion of Darktrooper droids. The platform has had numerous reports of possible Rebel and Consortium activity.This will make for interesting urban warfare. 

Space Bespin-
As one of the three factions, vie for control of the ring of mning asteroids in the center of the map. 

In space, Rebels fight to disable the powerful defense grid of Sarapin, a lava planet rigged for energy mining. Once on the surface, disrupt any Imperial mining operations by taking over the facilities. 

Yavin 4- 
Crush the Rebellion's holding on the planet and take out their heroes. Remember the Death Star!

Strategem Mappack:
Strategem 2- (Rebel Dissent) 
Slightly larger than the first Strategem, this one features units on the Rebellion side of things, makes for a harder core map. 

Strategem GOLD (5)- (All Out War) 
One of every generic unit and squadron in a massive three- way.  

DarthNerd's Mappack:
Rebel scouts have landed in an attempt to establish a base network on the remote, boggy region of Rodia. Imperials are soon tipped off, and quietly construct a base. Then, they come to wipe you out. Consortium units have been spotted to the west. You are authorized to destroy them. 

Rancor and Wampa mirror battle. 

Invid Destruction Mappack:
Courkrus: Vlarnya-
Leonia Tavira has fled New Republic forces, and is being hunted.  However, she made an unscheduled stop on Courkrus to drop off her garrison of land forces, somehow knowing her last stand would be in space. The New Republic, hearing indig reports of Invid activity, has placed together a task force led by Luke Skywalker and Garm bel Iblis. Wipe out any remaining pirate forces, and destroy the farms to hamper Invid and independant operations.  

And also: 
Kuat: Eclipse Defense-
It is immediately after the Consortium victory at Kuat, and the Eclipse has been stolen. However, there IS the problem of those pesky Rebels... after pointless negotiation, the Falcon is in your sights. Destroy it and the Rebel Fleet. 
But wait. Comm specialist Torm Keev of the Merciless has intercepted launch orders from Kuat. Their last Imperial defense fleet has been scrambled! As if that isn't bad enough, Black Sun remnants have entered in system and are issueing challenges for the SSD. Also, a Hutt fleet has jumped in to wipe out any survivors of the battle... 

Planet PWN-
News of the Emporer's death has reached the distant world known only by it's codename, Planet PWN. As the population watches the DSII blow up on holovid, they all grab their guns and march through the streets, looking to beat up some Imps. 
However, the Loyalists are looking for vengeance. They too, grab guns and stalk around, looking to beat some Rebel Scum. 
You are on an industrial island on the planet, and must either quash the scum or break the Loyalists.


To play these to maximum enjoyability, you will need IG_11's Prop Pack. 

Also: Rodia may cause lag on lower-end systems, along with Strategem 5. However, a higher-end graphics card/program should handle it. 
THESE MAPS ARE NOT CANON!  I KNOW they didn't have Darktroopers at Yavin, I KNOW that Rebels never Mass-defected, and all that junk. :rolleyes:  These are made to be enjoyed for what they are. 
Install: Run the installer, which you should have already done.
Uninstall: use the uninstall directory. 

IG_11 for the awesome props
Selvas_Selokanas for beta testing
EAWFiles community for voting (You did, you just didn't know it ;) )
George Lucas
And the one who went through all this trouble. Your Momma. NOT. 
ME :drink:

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