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237th_SC_Com_Bly brings us a map pack with 6 of his maps in. 4 of them you have seen before, but there are 2 new ones.

The map pack contains: Forest Fight Forest Fight 2 Forest Fight 3 - New! Capitol City [Geonosis] Capitol City [Alderaan] Capitol City [Bespin] - New!

The maps included are nice, and can provide for some good gameplay. If you are a fan of Bly's maps, then this is for you. If you are just looking for some nice maps to play, then this should be worth the download, as not only will it save you the time of downloading each map separately, but you get 2 new maps.




all the file in here are for FOC not EAW
There i only 1 map conversedform the original maps: forrest fight 
there are 2 new maps: forrest fight 3 and capitol city (bespin)
this mappack is include these maps:

forrest fight :
(endor) a conruption mission conversed to a skrimish battle with no infantry. a little pirate base and some pirate forces are in the map 

forrest fight 2:
(endor) a map with a river that dryed up. its very foggy and the map has 3 bases + pirates.3 plateau's and outbase shield generators.

new map!! forrest fight 3:
(felucia) a map of a forrest with in the middle a felucian valley. the valley has 2 bases and no pirates. there are many infantry killing flowers.
( tip: use infatrie transports or you will not sevive )

capitol city (geonosis):
a map of the capitol city of Geonosis with a hutt outpost 3 bases and some geonosian swarms + pirates controlling the city

capitol city (alderaan):
a map on alderaan before it did get destroyed.
some pirates and 2 bases both in their own city there is a sea and a forrest.

new map!! capitol city (bespin) :
a map of a other city at bespin that was builded afther the empire discoverd cloud city. it wasnt a sucses because pirates did capture it when the city was done. there are 2 black markets in the map and many pirate forces half of the map is industrial and 1 fighter factory is open to get in :). 2 bases are in it.

enjoy it!

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