Bothan Breakdown



textured and makes use of the height tool nicely. The only things I would have done differently is altered the texture diffuse colours a bit to make them blend more, added a few more trees to the more bare areas and altered the lighting to make the map feel a bit more alive. This map is definitely a must play. Images of the map can be found in the images section.

Game: Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of CorruptionGame type: SkirmishTeams: 2Max. players: 4Planet: BothawuiMap size (patches): 8x8 This map took me about 5 days to build (6 straight hours a day). As you can see I have made lots of input in the texturing and basic decoration. I have tested it several times on both sides, AI seems to behave normally as it should, both teams have their advantages and disadvantages as one team has an economic advantage and the other has a defensive one. There are 3 skirmish build pads and a few mineral processors (processes)???. There is also a Sensor array in the middle, an abandoned heavy factory and a mercenary outpost in the far corner of the map.This map is for FOC only but I will soon upload it for EAW.In the meantime, enjoy it while you can. :)

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