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An Imperial Prison Compound is housed on an unknown planet where an important transfer is taking place, a transfer of prisoners. There are C...


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An Imperial Prison Compound is housed on an unknown planet where an important transfer is taking place, a transfer of prisoners. There are Civilians about the land somewhere near the Compound. The Imperials placed their base here seeing as it was strategically surrounded by a lake which is surrounded by mountains. Clearly they didn't know others had already settled!

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Bounty Hunter Readme
((MY 2nd MAP) Kinda)
Storyline,  A small quaint planet of which the name is known to no one (I Couldn't Think of One) an Imperial Base lies. Having recently captured Kyle Kataran the Imperials are bringing
him to their compound. While sailing through the galaxy the infamous bounty hunters IG-88, Boba Fett, and Bossk were alerted that there had just been a large bounty put on Kyle
Kataran's head and rumour was he was en route to an Imperial Compound. The three bounty hunters wound up together in the woods, and decided to band together. (Totally unlikely 
I Know!) Unknown to neither the Imperials or the Bounty Hunters there was a camp of Civilians cited next to the Imperial compound. 

Who's Who
The Rebels will play the role of the Civilians.
The Empire will play the role of themselves.
The Zann Consortium will play the role of the bounty hunters.

Team Goals
The Rebel's (Civilians) main goal is to  irritate both sides. They have no affiliation with either side though have more hostility towards the Empire. (This team can't win they only annoy)
The Empire's main goal is to exterminate the three nuisances known as IG-88, Boba Fett, and Bossk, while protecting their captive, Kyle Kataran
The Zann Consortium's main goal is to exterminate Kyle Kataran.

Once either the Empire's Goal or the Zann Consortium's Goal is done the game ends with the loser forfeiting.
Trust must be in order no lying about if Kyle Kataran or the Bounty Hunters are dead.
The Empire is the only team supplied with a barracks to even the odds.

This works against computers, and has not been tested with Online Multiplayer, I would appreciate it if someone would inform me if it works.
Scout Troopers will not be able to move if spawned in the bottom base they must be spawned at the top base.

V2 Changes
Height and tilt on some objects fixed
New Imperial Landing Shuttles (@ Corner Base)
Adept added to Imperials
Mandalorians changed to Civilians
Civilians given 3 extra civilians and Mustafarian
Generator & Crate Area added in Imperial Base
Civilian Bunker Added
Bird Spawners Added

Installation Instructions
Go Under "Computer"
Select Your Hard Drive
Go Under "Program Files"
Select "Lucas Arts"
Select "Star Wars Empire at War Forces Of Corruption"
Select Data
Either Place in "CustomMaps" Folder or if nonexistent create a folder hence entitled "CustomMaps" and plop it in there.

Distribution & Use
This map may be used and distributed as long as credit is given.

None Known Of

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